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  1. Good and creative spawn, but hard to navigate, Cant find an exit, and nobody is on. Signs told me to go upstairs? There was an elevator but that took me to the donators area, therefore, i would not recommend.
  2. Summery, for some reason it looks wrong, Maybe.. Summary? I Won't bother looking at what this server has to offer because of that, Any child would know that.
  3. Does this title say No grief? If its adventure aswell, wheres the element of building? No grief is saying to me that its also a build server. Please explain more.
  4. Whenever i try to join PvE, it says : Kicked Whilst Connecting to attack: Internal server error What does this mean? It doesnt allow me to join PvE. I Was in space setting up the EnhancedPortals2 Modifier when lag struck, server restarted. Please can you get this to work. Yours Truly, Th3Le9oman (Leo)
  5. Fixing My Dodgy headset, BRB

  6. *Your in-game name: Th3Le9oman *What do you think about the server?: I Think it is a really good, creative system, the way spawn works, how economy doesn't work, and all good things inbetween! *Is there anything we could improve on the server?: I Think the main issue with the server is the Lag, many people say it is DDoS, but what if it is something inside the server? Aside from that, I think the server is pretty good and alright, though the world border is a bit small? Only about 32k blocks or so?