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  1. IGN XMiner001X Age (Be truthful!) just turned 17 What makes you want to join this server? I played FTB for a while now and i rlly missed the carpenters block. so i decided lets return to good ol`AOTB. I found this server just randomly but it seems pretty nice and small and thats exactly what i was looking for What could you bring to the server? Well first off all im a good builder and rlly like to help with f.e. the spawn area and im just a funny guy u can talkwith all day Skype - I will ask for it if accepted so we can make a server chat out of game. - Really like that idea! H
  2. Minecraft Username: XMiner001X Age: 16, nearly 17 A bit about yourself: Im playing minecraft so i can realx a bit and get creative in some other way. the last few years i experimented a lot with modpacks such as FTB or FTB Unleashed. now im here at AotB and im loving it so far. Im looking for servers because my RL friends wont play on the server as long as i would like too so i never get to a point where i finish something. Why should you be invited? thats one point why u should invite me. im online as often as i can and im pretty mature for my age i think (lol) xD. im pretty go
  3. yeah its hard to find good servers :DD and i rlly like fresh servers because I can see it grow xP
  4. 1. Ign: XMiner001X 2. Age: nearly 17 3. Skype (Helps us communicate) philip.hack3 4. Experience with AotBT? I have alot of experience and I would like to share that with other people 5. What mods are you going to focus on the most? Probably Minefactory Reloaded, Carpenters Blocks and Microblocks 6. Do you have any projects in mind?(Be creative) I plan on doing a big village where every house got something automated in it, also i rlly like helping at the Spawn-area 7. Would you add/remove any rules? Do you agree with all the rules? Im ok with the rules and if everybody thinks the same it will
  5. just got new ideas for my new home lol xD 1. get food 2. get a bat 3. get some hills 4. build my hole again lolz cant wait for new seed :DD
  6. Minecraft username: XMiner001X Age (be honest - there's no shame): 16 Where did you find out about this server? Just scouted the forums for some AotBT-servers and came acroos ur server Why do you wish to join this server? Because i rlly like building with a community and i wanna share all my great ideas and buildings with nice people Do you have any prior knowledge of the B-Team Modpack? Yes i play it alot and so i know somethign about each mod but im still learning What do you hope to try out / achieve on the server? I would rlly like to have the best base (maybe somebody wants a c
  7. yeah there where some issues with the world generation so we decided to roll it back to the start with a fresh map
  8. hmm i will ask u in the forum at some point to collect some ideas for the spawn building and the nether hub im doing my main building under ground too but i dont know the word small so i never can finish my work lol :DD
  9. at some point there will be so many witches ;D but i will go with my trusty sword and just knock ur head off
  10. yup just some stuff so the server runs perfect will u be op all along?
  11. pls do it all vanilla it would be so cheaty if u can just use those commands and i wanna see some good ol`biomes of plenty while i have to run home
  12. hmm Tinkers Construct --> Thermal Expension --> Food Plus --> Carpenters Blocks --> everything else :DD
  13. hmm yeah i bought my acc on ebay so i couldnt use my normal nickname but it was way cheaper that way xD
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