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  1. IGN ? BigCrackers How old are you ? 15 What's you're experience with aotbt? Well I've been playing this since around March, I've gotten to know every mod very well and just would like to play with new people Are you planing to play this server requlary ( if not, how much ) ? Yes pretty much every day
  2. IGN: BigCrackers Why should i pick you? : I am very expierienced with all the mods in Attack of the B team, I am a very friendly and active person to play with and love doing community builds . I am a huge fan of whitelisted servers and haven't been able to play one in a while and would love to get that started going again. Are you a good builder? : Yes, pretty great if I say so Have you ever got banned from another server before? : Honestly Yes for using a banned item in a FTB server How old are you? : 15
  3. IGN? BigCrackers How active? Every day besides this weekend (Wedding out of town) Age? 15 How well do you know the mod pack? I know pretty much everything now besides witchery which I plan on learning if I'm accepted Are you willing to help the community/donate to help with costs? Of course, as long as it's an active server Whats your favorite mod in the server? Thermal expansion Skype name? turkeyylegs
  4. IGN: BigCrackers Location: Iowa Age: 15 Skype: turkeyylegs Why you want to join: Well I have been playing attack of bteam for so long now that I have decided to play with a small community now where my builds actually count. I would like to get to know some more people and just play some bteam again! How experienced are you at the mods: I know all of them except witchery What mod are you best at: Minefactory reloaded
  5. IGN: BigCrackers Age: 19 Skype Yes/No. No need to post your skype user, if accepted we can exchange through PM: Yes I do. How often are you able to play: About 2-5 hours on weekdays, then all day weekends. Youtube channel and are you interested in recording (saying yes makes no difference to application, just curious): I'll be making a youtube soon as i just ordered a new computer Which mod pack/s are you most interested in: Attack of the bteam is favorite modpack and Tinkers Construct is favorite mod. What type of builder are you, technical, creative? If you are able to provide a link to so
  6. IGN: BigCrackers Name(Optional): Isaiah Age(no limit): 15 Why do you want join?: To start it off, I really love playing this mod pack (Especially without having to worry about griefing or stealing.) I have always played on white listed servers only really and I plan to staying like that. I would love to help out with the public builds! If I was accepted I'd be doing many of those *hint hint* And from looking at all the apps, it looks like you already have a pretty cool group of people already accepted and would love to join! Skype[Required!!!]: turkeyylegs (Yeah yeah its a weird name X
  7. Name: Isaiah Age: 15 In-Game name: BigCrackers Skype/Steam Account name: turkeyylegs How much do you know about the Modpack: I have been playing since the release of the mod pack on a whitelisted server so I know pretty much all about the modpack. (Besides witchery which I plan on learning.) Why should i pick you: Well as I just said above, I know a lot about the modpack so maybe I could help others. I am a very fun person to play with once you get to know me. I love doing big builds which are usually public. I get most of my inspiration from the Mind crackers. I am an ex-s
  8. Name - BigCrackers Age - 15 Gender - Male Country - Murica How much do you know from this modpack - I'm pretty sure I know mostly all of it by now. I've been playing since early February and I'm great with tinkers construction. Why do you want to join - Well I would love more than anything to be actually able to play a Attack of the b team server without having to be worried about being stolen from. I have always loved small community servers where you get to meet new people. I am also very helpful around the server and I'm just a fun guy to hangout with. I hope you accept me! Skype na
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