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  1. Hello Im looking for fun people to join my server Rules: no griefing no hacking no asking for ranks no spamming cursing to minimal Very nice staff would love people to join and make a faction! ban mods=2(minions)(morphe because bats are op) play for 30 min get member and /fly and/kit member ip is hope to see you there!
  2. thanks for helping out i would love to have you on the server!
  3. Hey everyone I have just made a public server! come join at also some mods are banned such as minions(lag and holes everywhere)(morph dont want people flying around as a bat all the time) but if your on for 30 min you get member and /fly!!!!
  4. hey guys I just wanted to let you know I have made a new attack of the b-team server! mods that are banned are minions(Lag) and Morph(Lag and I dont want everyone flying around as a bat!!) but if you play for 30 min you get member rank 10,000 and /fly!! please join its alot of fun!! ip:
  5. Hey I was just wondering how I could disable the stove from the furniture mod without taking out the whole mod?
  6. Also the Attack of the b-team members made the modpack without installing much of the power machenes types mods(sorry for my terrible English)
  7. Thank you so much im gonna try it now:)
  8. HEY EVERYONE i have just made a public server!!! ive tested it and everything works. The only thing im not sure how to do is to disable mods. I would like to disable the promiseland, the minions mod, the morphs mod, and the stove form furniture. Can anyone help me! I am using perrmissionsEX and essentials if that helps in anyway... -GUSFRING
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