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  1. My computer stopped working a while back so we got a laptop which stopped working a few months after getting it. We got the first computer working again so I don't know if it has anything to do with this issue because this is the first time I played anything other than vanilla minecraft on it (I played Hexxit and Attack of the B Team on the laptop which had its issues, but they seemed to go away after time etc.). The issue is that the movement seems to be too fast. I know that one of the issues with minecraft is that you can't move faster and why would I be complaining about it! Its like the m
  2. Thanks for your advice, but unfortunately its not working. It used to work until I had to restore my computer several weeks ago. I'm half tempted to just give up on it for now. Its kind of like the same deal with Better Than Wolves... no matter how much I try, I can not get it to work!
  3. I just realized it would probably help to know that attack of the b-team is offline and I don't know why, but I figured that might help.
  4. The sound won't work when I am on Attack of the B-Team and the only time it does seem to work is when I kill something and the disembodiement for morphing happens. I have checked the volume settings on my computer, speakers, and on in the menu section of the game. The volume works fine with everything else on my computer including with regular minecraft and hexxit. Please help if at all possible!
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