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  1. IGN: abaga129 AGE: 20 Knowledge of this modpack on 1-10 scale: 2, I have only seen videos of this pack but I am extremely excited to start playing it Why do you want to join?: I'm looking for a server that has a tightly-knit small to medium sized community. I've been wanting to play this pack for a while. I'm also wiling to help with any server maintenance related stuff including builds.
  2. http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/moonquest-yogscast-inspired is the link to download it in the launcher.
  3. Here is the platform link http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/moonquest-yogscast-inspired
  4. This server is running the MoonQuest Technic Pack http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/moonquest-yogscast-inspired IP: 24/7 Key Mods Galacticraft ICBM Tinkers Construct Many Many more... Find the full list at www.moonquest.net About the Server My friend David and I have been wanting to create a server with 10-20 other players that have a similar mindset as us. We are looking for mature players who enjoy a little friendly competition. For this reason, we are leaving most of explosives enabled for the server. Factions has been added to allow you to protect your base, but that doesnt mean it is safe from all means of explosives. (ICBM) We want this to be a fun environment where several opposing factions can race to the moon, sabotage each other, and still form lasting friendships. The server wont have a fancy spawn hub or anything like that. Maintenance will be minimal and probably only when required. We want this to be a simple but fun server where you and your friends can do pretty much anything you want. Also the world is fresh! We just generated it yesterday April 22. So you wont have to worry about an overcrowded, resource drained world! Server Rules Griefing is allowed, but only if the player or member of the factions is online at the time. (Don't be a jerk about it) Explosives are also allowed. Be courteous to other players. We want friendly competition. If anyone disobeys these rules we will ban players as we see fit. Contact If you have any questions about the server, please email me at [email protected] You can find our website (still in development) at www.noobcraft.us David and I will be recording a lot of our game-play on this server to post on youtube so feel free to join us!
  5. We have the server ready! It can run 24/7 so you can play anytime you like! We just need people who are interested in playing!!
  6. NOOBCRAFT - Moonquest Server As the title says, I am looking for people who have a passion for making videos, playing technic, and would want play a competition based server. MoonQuest is a custom Technic pack based on the one used by the Yogscast in their Moonquest series. You can find the pack here: www.moonquest.net We want several different factions, all competing against each other to sabotage each other and make it to new planets first. It would make for some great and interesting videos as well as just some downright awesome fun! The main mods that will make this so interesting are Galacticraft and ICBM. These two mods together and a sort of "Cold War" feel to the game. THE IDEA The server is run by my friend David and I. We just recently moved it from the cloud to being a home server. We can run it 24/7 for no cost at all, and the specs are all up to par. The map will be completely fresh and I would like to have at least 6-10 people involved when the server is launched so that everyone has a fair chance. Factions will be enabled so you will be able to team up and claim land to prevent enemies from easily destroying your base. Explosives (missles included) will be enabled so dont think your base is completely safe just because you claimed it and built a 2 block high cobblestone wall around it CONTACT US! If you are interested in this opportunity please leave a reply and tell me a little bit about yourself. Feel free to post one of your videos! Also if you arent a youtuber but really want to play, just message me and we can talk about it. You can email me at [email protected]
  7. My friend is having the same problem and it is very frustrating. I have it working fine on my computer and after 4 hours of troubleshooting I have it on our server too, but its all for nothing if he cant get it. I hope this is solved soon. He is on a mac and I do know his java isnt completely up to date so it may have something to do with it. Unfortunately his computer freezes on reboot every time he tries to update it.
  8. You probably need to update to 1.7. My server was running 1.6 and i kept getting errors. When i updated it to 1.7 everything worked like a dream!
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