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  1. ok this should compensate the loose of the mekansim......
  2. how do you convert the galgacticraft energy into ue energy?
  3. but where are the modular batteries? and how do you make an quantum gate?
  4. I was trying to make some basic thinks in voltz 3.0.0c : connecting some copper wire with a battery (when the wires were on the ground not in the middle of the block) and it didn't work . I although tried to isolate the wires and it didn't work. Where are the multyblock batteryes ? p.s i set the battery on input/output...
  5. keep playing on 2.0.4 .... It will remain the most played version ( at least untill they decide to get mekanism back in...) take the stuff you lost from creative
  6. 1 more issue : the uranium can be now processed without the 3 base machines ( chemical extracter, nuclear boiler and centrifuge ): in the extractor
  7. Got the biggestr issue with the rotarycraft issue : it makes icbm useless : you can place bedrock and this makes icbm useless because unly antimatter place right next to bedrock can break it . so the deep bunkers cant be destroyed with any explosive sent by missles
  8. we need more electric procesing units like mekanism did have. I've made some research and found no mod that had that diversity that mekanism did have
  9. we need mekanism..... Everyone wants it .. it's not our fault that calclavia cant get on well with the mekanism developer...
  10. We need simple energy , sustenable sources , and the simple form of getting mass steel and much more....
  11. voltz is calclavia's modpack... And the developer of Mekanism and calclavia don't have the same oppinion of how should everything go on...Haven't you realise yet that mekanism isn't anymore enven on the u.e web site? And now they can't even work toagather. But I still don't understand why they can't put the Mekanismback in? They needn't work togather, the mods just have to be compatible
  12. The good think is that they didn't make the 3.0.0c recomanded yet.... That means that they are still thinking obout adding mekanism. Lets hope for the best.
  13. but let resonant induction in there....(and repower...)
  14. resontant induction is much better that all those mods...it has all the suff you need and more we don't need elcric expansione , we need mekanism.
  15. all the side ( like elecric expansion,fluid mechanics or covertor belts ,etc) are now in the resonant induction mod
  16. I've made some tests with rotary craft .... It went horrible wrong.... Why in the world isn't working to supply rotary craft stuff with U.E energy..... The bronze and steel in roatary craft is much expensiver in this mod and it makes almost impossible to make an particle accelerator in survival.... I've tryed to charge my power armor in it and it didn't work .... Rotary craft is just not compatible wth E.U.... But you can let it but it makes our lives harder.... At least add mekanism to it. Rotary craft is cool but we need mekanism too.It makes our Voltz experience much easier. Yo
  17. Ok.... But could you make us a small pleasure : Just make a versione ( 3.0.0.M) where you add mekanism , so that servers can choose what kind of voltz they want to play .... Is it so hard to make us so a small favor? There is enough place for rotary craft and mekanism.... Botha are awsome.. But voltz wouldn't be voltz witout this almos core mods of U.E
  18. P.S , at least could you make a small versione (something like 3.0.0.c.M , "M" comes from mekanism) so that all are happy?
  19. 3 Really good arguments to bring back mekanism: 1st it is from U.E. , its almos bug free, and Voltz is based on U.E 2nd Many servers would have to reset their maps becaus all tre ores all the processing units and almos all the bases invested a lot of time and resources in getting this materials this might make amny servers not to upgrade to the new voltz versione(including mine , because i made a oppinion vote and all said the don't want a server reset) 3rd it's a really nice made mod and it''s just awsome , you can keep rotary craft but we really would like mekanism ... It really
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