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  1. IGN: holmesboy1234 Skype: rayluxuryyacht Knowledge of AOTBT: I know how to use most of the mods and i can always learn more Fav Mod: Biomes O' Plenty Fav Youtuber: ChimneySwift11 Banned Before: I have never been banned before Age: 15 Country: Canada How often I will be online: Around 4-8 hours per week
  2. IGN: holmesboy1234 Age: 15 Youtube (Optional): I have no Youtube What are you good at: Technology and Building Why should I pick you/why do you want to join: I always like to make new friends to play with, and be able to have more people to hangout with on the server rather than me playing by my self. Time Zone: GMT-5:00 Eastern Daylight Skype: rayluxuryyacht
  3. I would like to join the server. My Skype name is rayluxuryyacht . i can play very often and i can always talk.
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