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  1. need some more players to join a austrailan server using attack of the b team mod pack also would be handy if u have skype will be a no greefing and no trolling server will be pvp all in fun but no bulling if u could add me on skype ill let u know the ip thanks skype: brink291088
  2. hay i have a attack of the bteam server that im trying to get poeople to join in 25 and live in aus i and also just starting out on youtube and streaming on twitch add me to skype and we can chat its brink291088
  3. hay guys im going to talk to the other op of the servrer ill get back to u soon i would prefer aussie just for recording sakes thanks
  4. started a server with attack of the b-team need players will be white listed will be streaming with twitch and recording on youtube message me or add my skype: brink291088 or pwehmer will need to play regulary for twitch and need skype
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