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  1. I have just started a new server for Tekkit Legends and am looking for players. The server is up 24/7 and running version 1.1.1 My previous servers have run AotBT and Blightfall but I wanted to try something new. I don't have any experience with this modpack so will learn alongside others. Please message me if you are interested in joining. There are no plugins or restrictions, just plain, simple Tekkit Legends! Thanks, Wertle
  2. Hi, IGN: WertleKev Age: 35 About Me: Used to host my own AotBT server with friends too. Had a good group of people and share the same principles as you.
  3. Hi IGN: WertleKev Age: 35 Why join: I am looking to get back into AotBT and prefer to play alongside others rather than single player. How often: Every day hopefully for a few hours. Teamspeak: No, but I do use Skype. Other info: I used to host my own server with over 20 people. Had to stop when my PC broke and couldn't play for a while. Now able to get back into it but don't want to host again for a while.
  4. Hey, opening up the server to new members again! If you are interested in joining, please leave a post giving your in-game name, age, country, favorite mod details. Thanks
  5. Hi, It's been a while since our server was set up and things are running well. We have accepted new members at various points and grown into a nice little community. I have even recently been hosting 'events' on the server (kinda like an adventure map) which has been good fun. Having just updated the server and reviewed our membership, there are a few spaces available for new members. I don't like to restrict people who apply but having established the community now, I ask that you be at least 14 years old (and preferably over 16) to apply. I personally am 34! So any older people like mys
  6. Hi, I have now got some spare positions on the server (due to upgrading the server max player limit!) so can accept new people. If you are interested in joining this small, friendly and open server, just post on the forum and I'll get back to you. Thanks
  7. Thanks for the post Swaggacow and turtlefrog. Unfortunately I have now reached full capacity again. Any more people now would take me over my server limit. I'll keep you in mind if someone else drops out. Sorry
  8. Hey, The server has been running over a week now and we have built up a good group of people who play regularly and get along. Therefore I have upgraded the server and now have room for a few extra players. If you are interested in joining our community, please reply to this post with some details about yourself (see first post for more info). Our server is pretty easy going and has no mods restricted but it is white-listed so I will message people who are interested with the server details. Thanks, WertleKev
  9. Sorry RedWolf54, we are now at max capacity so wont be accepting any more people for now. I will keep you in mind if someone else drops out. Thanks, Wertle
  10. Right, looks like we're getting near my limit for players now. I will be getting in touch with those people (above) who have expressed an interest soon. Apart from everyone above, I just cant accept any more for now but will keep further posters in mind if places become available. Thanks WertleKev
  11. Thanks for applying. I cant get to the server right now but will whitelist later today. Happy to accept all the above.
  12. Added all the above to the server. Thanks for replying to my post.
  13. Hi everyone, Until recently I have been playing on an AotBT server run by a friend but he decided to cancel the server. So I have chosen to go it alone and have set up my own 24/7 server. Public servers have never really interested me and I would prefer to play with a small number of like-minded people with no big rules or no-build zones, etc... I'm looking for a small group of people to join me. There are no real 'age limits' or restrictions and previous experience is not needed but it would be nice to know some details before accepting people onto the server. I'm 34 and male and from
  14. Application: IGN: WertleKev Location: UK Age: 34 Skype: Don't currently use it but could if required Why you want to join: I used to play on a server which recently shut down. Looking for a new start. How experienced are you at the mods: Quite a lot of experience but like to take my time and learn one mod at a time. Just completed a trip to the moon! What mod are you best at: Genetics
  15. IGN: WertleKev NAME(OPTIONAL): Kev AGE: 34 LOCATION: UK JOB? Yes SMOKE? DRINK? No and No NIGHT OWL/ EARLY BIRD? Night Owl Know any good seeds to use for a map? I like to go random Know any good mods that we could add to AotBT? I like the Attack of the B-Team mod as it is at the moment. Tell a little about yourself: Been playing Minecraft for a while now. Recently been playing AOTBT on my own but really want to find other people to play with to make it more fun. I also have friends who don't play minecraft so cant enjoy it with them. I also enjoy other PC and console games but always c
  16. IGN (In game name): WertleKev Reason you want to join: Want to play alongside other people. Age (Optional): 34 Favorite Mod: Morph Favorite thing to do in Minecraft: Gathering resources No Youtube Building Ability: 5
  17. Minecraft username: WertleKev Found server on Technic Forums I'm looking to play alongside other people and become more familiar with the modpack. I plan to set up a small base of operations to begin collecting resources and start crafting some of the mod-content. Favourite colour: Orange
  18. Hi, my username is : WertleKev and I am looking for a small server to play on as I find single player lacks the social aspect that makes this game more fun. I only really have experience with setting up my own small, private server to play with a friend but looking to find something more regular and ongoing. Thanks
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