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  1. hello, i was making a map and my cousin wants to play it with friends. And i tried to put de map an a USB stick but when i watched in the saves folder there arent worlds. and when i logged on i thought there were no worlds too but i could play all of my worlds so can someone tell me how to fix this. thx
  2. hello shnoop i know that i am already in the server but my cousin want to join the server too and here is his info: username: nickyboy0602 age: 10 but he is very serious and when he don't tell me (llarssie) plzz i want to join the server because i want to play attack of the b team with my cousin. My cousin told it to me nope i am not an expert but when i don't know something i ask my cousin. when i can i love mc and i want to join this server so much i have read the rules Roleplay Name: U kid story: he was born in a family of scientist but he was always the little kid that can't do anything. he walked away from home and med scientist Double U and he called him U kid. And now they are working together and getting science to the highest level of evil. MHahahaaha Age: 16 I hope you let my cousin in shnoop. llarssie (Double U)
  3. username: llarssie Age:14 I would like to join the server because the server were i was playing were going offline. Forum never banned close to all when i want to play i just want to play on a server with nice players. yeah sure, always!!!! (sorry for my bad english) Role-play character's name: Double U Character's background story: Scientist that came in contact with a witch and a druid, the witch want to live on his own and get away. but de druid was still with me and he loves mobs and he was holding mobs but i was getting special powers from mobs and the druid don't know that i was getting special powers. When i was 14, i fled away and i was taking the wrong path and was friends with the wrong people. Now i am a evil scientist with special powers from mobs, but he still loves technic and science. Character's age:21
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