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  1. IGN: n8bugs20 Age: 19 Youtube (Optional): no What you are good at: Advanced genetics, thermal expansion, and tinker's construct are my specialties on the attack of the b-team modpack, and I am also good at exploring, resource gathering, and basic building as well. Why should I pick you/ why do you want to join: I feel that I would be a good candidate for the server because I am a friendly, respectful and mature person who is willing to work with others in the community to have an enjoyable experience on said server. I wish to join because I am looking for a smaller private serv
  2. Ingame Name: n8bugs20 Age: 19 Why I want to join: I wish to join because I would enjoy making friends with and playing the Attack of the B-Team modpack with a close-knit group of mature and respectful people. Skype: n8bugs20 (Nathanael Havlik) How well I know the modpack: I am familiar with the vast majority of the mods and am somewhat skilled in using almost all of the major mods. Do I agree to the rules?: I do agree to the rules stated.
  3. IGN: n8bugs20 Age: 19 What I like to do: I like to gather resources, explore, and build basic bases and basic automated systems. What I dislike: I dislike creating complex redstone contraptions and working with minecarts. I extremely dislike disrespectful actions and words. What I like to do in real life: I enjoy reading fiction, playing video games, as well as strategic board games. I also enjoy studying entomology and history. Time Zone & Nearest City: Indianapolis Standard time zone: UTC/GMT -5 hours Daylight saving time: +1 hour C
  4. Minecraft Name: n8bugs20 Age: 19 Why I wish to join: I wish to join because I want to play with the Attack of the B-Team modpack with a close-knit, and mature group that will respect one another and have an enjoyable time doing so. My Greatest Minecraft Strengths: Resource gathering, the ability to adapt to my current situation, and basic building are my greatest Minecraft strengths. My Minecraft Weaknesses: My weakest skills in Minecraft include creating and utilizing more complex redstone mechanisms and very detailed decoration and aesthetics. How Often I Will Play on the
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