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  1. Ingame Name: KawaiiQueen Age: 19 Why you want to join: I've been playing the modpack in singleplayer since it came out and I'd like to get into multiplayer again Skype: kawaiiqueen17 How well do you know this mod pack: Uhhh, pretty well. I guess there's a mod or two that I'm still learning Do you agree to the rules? Very much, yes
  2. IGN: KawaiiQueen Real First Name: Ray Contact: skype: kawaiiqueen17 Age: 19 Location: Canada Pros: I've been playing Minecraft since 2011, modded Minecraft since 2012, and this modpack since it first came out (so I'm familiar with 90% of the mods) Cons: None ? ? ??? ? I'm not in school at the moment, so I'll be on a lot (helping, building, etc)
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