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  1. I'm in a bad spot I think...I was flying around trying to fill out my map while looking for chickens and I came across a huge cherry blossom grove and I noticed someone's awesome tower there. The minute I flew over to check it out, the server crashed. And it keep crashing a seconds after I log in. I know it's me cause I sit and watch others log in via the minecraft client and it works fine. The minute I get on though, it crashes. So there is probably something in that chunk that's causing the crashes. Edit: I got free.
  2. IRL Name: Andrew IGN: JBPreskool Skype: campb.andrew Age: 21 Why Have You Chosen To Join This Server: I'm sort an introvert, and I prefer smaller settings and communities. I've tried larger servers, but I've never seemed to do well relating except when there are a small group of people on. But there are always too many people to really get to know anyone well. So I'm looking forward to being part of a community where I can be comfortable and get to know people. How Experienced Are You With The Modpack: 4 - I've only recently started playing it. I'm in University so I'm only just getting time to play. What Are You Wanting To Do On The Server: Build and learn more about the game and be more creative.
  3. IGN: JBPreskool Age: 21 What do I Like To Do: Mining mostly, and building. But most times I'm nomadic. What do I dislike the most: Griefing What do I like to do in Real Life: Play Music Time Zone/Nearest City: (UTC-05:00) Bogota, Lima, Quito / Kingston, Jamaica
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