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  1. IGN:Chip342 Age: 15 I know you're looking for 16 but i'm not immature by any means. Skype:Nick B ([email protected]) I don't know which is used to find me. Name: My name is Nick nice to meet you.
  2. In Game Name:Chip342 Age:15 Why do you want to join:I want to start playing modded minecraft and ATOB is a great mod pack Location:United States How well do you know the modpack:Decent I've watched a lot of videos on the pack and put a good 5hrs in but I still have a lot to learn. Do you agree to the rules:Yes,yes I do.
  3. IGN:Chip342 Age 15 Why do you want to join:I love playing with others and I want to start recording again.:-) Strengths in minecraft:Building good looking structures and exploring/mining How long have you been playing MC:2 1/2 years How much will you be playing: 2 hrs week days 4-5 weekends Microphone:Yes Will you be posting to YouTube:Yes YouTube channel:TheGamingConductor Couldn't get link I'm on mobile right now sorry. Attack of the B-team is a great modpack hope I am able to play it with some other great individuals.
  4. IGN:Chip342 Age:15 What do you like to do:Build,Explore,Work with others Learn about mods What do you dislike:Excessive competition with everything, Discrimination, Taking jokes way too far. What do you like to do in real life:Play video games and Drag Racing (Racing in a straight line usually 1/4 mile) Time zone:EST/EDT (Daylight Saving)
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