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  1. IGN: 12345Setho12345 Age: 14 Why you would like to join: I would like to join because I am fed up with all the public servers and the immature people that purposely crash servers or duplicate items. I'm just tired of the public servers, I'm hoping for a nice, peaceful and mature community on this server. Also, if you think being 14 make me "immature," please rethink your thought.
  2. BlazeBox Servers! The BlazeBox has three different servers that a user can choose from, all normally up to date and online. The three run on different versions of Minecraft. Chasoville Modpack, Attack of the B-Team Modpack, and Vanilla. Those are all the servers that BlazeBox runs. Information! The BlazeBox servers offer you to Grief, Raid, or even PVP. They are all hosted by Virtual Gladiators. _C0MB4T_ is the owner of BlazeBox. BlazeBox Chasoville: BlazeBox Attack of the B-Team: BlazeBox Vanilla: BlazeBox Website: