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  1. so i just drop the jar file into the mods folder?
  2. hey guys how do u add optifine into aotbt? i downloaded the right version and all but the mod had an automatic installer that wants to install in the .minecraft folder, how do i get it into the aotbt mod folder? thanks for the help!
  3. hey guys i keep getting the message 'Connection Lost End of Stream' could someone help? usually happens a few minutes after i log into a server
  4. hey guys! i reset my aotbt mod pack just to make it run smoother, and once i reset it and tried to go back into the server, the loading screen comes up then it crashes and goes back to the launcher! could anyone help? much appreciated!!
  5. IGN: ZombieGunter AGE: 17 Knowledge of this modpack on 1-10 scale: 7 Why do you want to join?: im looking for a small community and the fact that u want one like bdubs is awesome!! thats pree much what im looking for! hope u will let me in and i wanna make a village on the server thanks!
  6. fixed it!! turns out u were right, i saw a different forum that kalbintion posted somewhere where u do [windows button] + [R] then 'cmd' then u type ipconfig /all then my ip was somewhere in there under pv4 or something!
  7. i mean by non working mods as if it was like a normal minecraft server, like the items are in the creative tabs, but when i go to place a block down it just disappears and doesnt work, also im typing in my ip and it just says 'can't reach server' dunno what to do :/ and yes i was using the server download from there
  8. yeah it didnt work gives me the same server with non working mods :/
  9. i used localhost but it just gave me a server that doesnt allow the mods i will try the 127 thing
  10. i cant seem to connect to my server i downloaded from the technic website, i type in my ip address with the server on and it says 'cant connect to server' can anyone help? much appreciated!
  11. IGN(in game name): ZombieGunter Reason of wanting to join: pretty much the same reason as u man! dont like the non whitelisted servers with all that donating to get stuff crap! plus i wanna chill with a small community! Your favorite mod: probably have to be tinkers!! wanna look into necromancy, minefactory and witchery! Age:(optional but you should be 15): Youtube:(optional, I'm personally not doing anything youtube atm): sorry dont got one Skype account(yes or no, it wont hurt your chances of joining): nopeee
  12. hey dude could i join? wanna play a server with a small community, ive been watching b dubs and i wanna have that sorta community! looking to start a lil town! my mc name is ZombieGunter
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