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  1. When i try to join a server, the client just crashes without any report and immediately goes back to the launcher.. i've tried reseeting the pack, installing and upgrading my ram, and i've checked my configs, they're all normal.. it's only just a one server that i cannot join, evey other server i am able to join.... the owner has even reset my player data. please help
  2. In-game name:bulletsucket age:15 why you want to join: i like small, community - derived servers and to play with people i actually trust on multiplayer without taking the gameplay aspect out of it. this server looks exactly like that. skype: bulletsucket12 (i don't use this regularly, only when required to.) How well do you know this modpack?:i know all the mods in the pack, but actually use about 70% of them. Do you agree to the rules?:yes, i do. i have read them thoroughly and pledge never to break them.
  3. lol, its like the universe is preventing me from playing on the server lately. When i am avaliable to play, there's something wrong with my computer/launcher that won't allow me to play, or i have something else to do that takes up my whole day. But when i am only able to get on for a few mins/ play for a limited time, it works fine. :P
  4. Hello everyone, i am me. i welcome everyone to the server!
  5. IGN:bulletsucket Age:15 Why do you want to play on this server?: Because i like miniature servers where you can still have the online experience but still being able to actually play the game the way it was intended to be played. What do you like to do?: Many areas; including mining, building, and looking at the new opportunities that this mod-pack will give me with those things that i like. What don't you like to do: Not much. But if it had to come down to it, it would have to be playing minigames/survival games, etc. (I know, i'm weird.) Experience with modpack: I know about 50% of the mods that are in this pack, and even then they are really easy to learn by. What is love: BABY DON'T HURT ME, DON'T HURT ME, NO MO Squirtle or pikachu: Pikasquircharizard
  6. Username, Caps sensitve and all:bulletsucket And there was a griefing attack? was that what made it whitelisted? just wondering Also, when i have the time, i'm going to be doing a series on my youtube channel about this modpack.. Just letting you know that it may end up on your server
  7. Age:15 Why you want to play on this server: I like playing small, organized, and mature servers, because they still give me the online experience but i also still get the feeling of actually being able to play instead of being pushed or pressured into doing one thing at a time. Role-play character's name: Jackob hersden (Not my real name) Character's back-story: It all starts in the mid - 1500's. He was born and raised in a town called Oblivion, fathered by the mayor of the city after his actual father died in the recent faction wars. The mayor taught him everything he needed to know, from expert sword-fighting, to extreme conditioned survival. After the recent discoveries of new biomes and minerals, Jackob watched before his very own eyes as the world evolved around him. Soon, he began to evolve, rising up in power in the new city. As technology advanced, oblivion was ready to move further out, as they were being constantly robbed and attacked by neighboring factions. Soon, at the age of 15, he became the new leader of oblivion. He set out the mayor's ideals and traveled for what it seemed for weeks. Now, this is where we begin, logging into the server, and building the town. Character's age:15 I have read the rules and know that i will get banned for breaking them: yeah, i did :J
  8. IGN:bulletsucket Age:15 Why i would like to play this server: I'm looking for a small, private server that i can still play on, while still having the online experience that is AoTBT. This mod-pack is fairly new, as well as some of the mods to me. I play better when i play with just a few friends, and not to be swarmed by other players.. that's why i want to join this server, because it is exactly that. I wish to see you guys on there if i am accepted, and i hope we have a good time.
  9. IGN:bulletsucket Skype:Bulletsucket12 Age:14 I plan to play on a private server with my new friends, so that i can still get the online experience but not continuously get killed, and to play and a fresh world that isn't completely destroyed. i hope to see you guys on!
  10. IGN:bulletsucket Age bracket:15-20 Time Zone: EST Best thing ever built: a roman temple made out of quartz when it first came out in original minecraft. about 90x90x85. Why this server: Because not only do i like AoTBT, But i also like how well made the rules and concepts look of the server. i hope you accept my application, and i hope to see you there
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