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  1. Application:: Name:euan IGN:theburner3004 Skype(MUST HAVE):euan.hill Youtube:theburner3004 Age:14 nearly 15 Why Do you want to join?: to play on a good community Anything Else:nope thx
  2. IGN: theburner3004 Age: 13 nearly 14 Youtube (Optional): theburner3004 buti dont have any videos What you are good at: basically all the mods Why should I pick you/why do you want to join: im good to be around im a good sport to pranks and i want to be in a small community Time Zone: gmt Skype: euan hill
  3. Name:(either real or IGN i don't care lol) Well my ign is theburner3004 and my real name is euan idc what u call me Age: im 14 nearly 15 Gender: (Any) male Youtube link:(if any and i don't care about how many subs you have) https://www.youtube.com/user/theburner3004 i know i have no videos had to take them off coz of hate from school What makes you perfect to record with: i am layed back and relaxed and i will be a good sport and wont do anything crazy Little bit about yourself: im 14 im from the uk im one of the best in my year at all the computer stuff and i like AotBT so much Skype: euan hi
  4. hey i messaged you on skype alex my name is euan hill on skype if you get a message from a guy called that
  5. IGN: theburner3004 Age: 13 and a bit Skype: euan hill Average time you'll be on the server: i live in the uk so weekends probs a lot during the week average 5 -7 or 8 gmt Why do you want to join? because theres not that many whitelisted servers out there Will you follow the rules? of course and i will do anything to help
  6. IGN: theburner3004 Age: 14 1/2 Do you record: i did but i would rather not Could you donate (does not affect your chances): no sorry my parents wont let me use Paypal What would you do on the server: help everyone out and make a spawn town for new players Why would you want to join this server: white-listed servers are so much better than other servers What do you love most about AoTBT: everything in the mod-pack because its so awesome Why would you want to join this server: What do you love most about AoTBT
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