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  1. The wiring is complex, btw can you keep the enhanced portal active all the time? Ps. The MFR Laser is not efficient, you could get alot of ores by manually mining than you will get through the laser which requires power.
  2. Well, Extra Utils has better liquid storage options i.e Drums which can hold 256000mb of any liquid, and is fairly cheap cost only 19 iron. Has better transportation system for liquids , items and energy. Extra Utils energy pipe has no limit to how much energy it can transfer through a single pipe, whereas TE's energy conduit do i.e 10000 RF/t. It also adds aesthetic blocks, well they can't be compared with chisel's but are cool. It has some great tools too, The Ethenic Sword ( I don't the correct spelling ) Bypasses Armour, The Builder's Wand, A Great Building tool can help to build things fast. Well, thats all I know for know, The mod should be added cause it has some technical, fun stuff.
  3. Thats a complex build, what are you going to do with all that power ? xD Run a MFR Laser?
  4. I have a few world generation questions. First: Is it me or world is generating in an island formation I everything generates like a island some are small some are big. Second: Why is it that only a certain type of marble enabled for world gen? Eg. Artifice marble and not Chisel's ( i prefer chisel's cause artifice's marble has bad texture.) Thats All, Thanks
  5. Extra Utils Ftw. I added the mod to the mod pack, it has some great utility items. It also has nice power generation stuff and some great building blocks
  6. What version of better storage works with inventory tweaks? I can't sort the chests, which I hate the most. Please Reply ~Thanks
  7. Sacred Oak is big as hell. finding it is also hard xD. How did u harvest it? Its not recognized as a tree by the lumber axe of tinker's construct.
  8. Thanks guys, well i guess i have to wait
  9. Omg, i found the reason its because of mfr and projectred interaction. when the harvester harvests the projectred dye trees it freezes my game. I got a way to fix it , change harvester's item id and it should work maybe. I will try.
  10. Thanks! It helped, even though I had to re-do most of the stuff
  11. I was playing atob for a few hours now , but suddenly I could do anything. I couldn't open doors , couldn't open chests , and my animals ( entities) won't move. I don't know what happened, the game is just frozen when I try to move I start falling. Please help.
  12. Umm, how? P.s. I want to add manually , cause I added 2 of my fav. mods.
  13. So, can you guys help me by tell which version of Flan's mod does attack of the b- team version 1.0.9 uses? I accidentally deleted it , and I don't want to download the wrong version of the mod. ~ Thanks For The Help
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