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  1. Two questions.... 1) When I load a old world, any of them, I will make it all the way to the play screen (I can see my hot bar and items) when the game kicks me out all the way to the technic launcher. What is going on? Its not Java 8 because Im running Java 7.64 2) Anyone know if the LAN server function works and if so how do I work it?
  2. Hey guys so i gave my friend my server to host it in hopes of reducing lag, the transition went great everything works except she (the host) cant connect. Every time she tries to connect to the server she gets the Failure to connect: Bad log in message. and the puzzling part is that I can connect to it every though im not hosting it anymore. Any suggestions on how to fix this? Thanks for your time, -Ram
  3. Ya I thought it was odd too, but I have tweeked those files so much that Id rather not go back in and see if it just needs to be the client config that is changed. But at least double dipping the config file changes is a solution.
  4. Just giving you guys an update. Got both issues fixed. The coconut bombs are usable if you white-list yourself in both the server config file and the client config file. If there is multiple people that you want using the bombs separate their names with a coma when white-listing them. I also fixed the block breaking bug, just had to change both the client and server config files and it works. Loader and Kalbintion you guys rock!!! Thanks so much for your help and time. -Ram
  5. Ya the comas for the Tropicraft config dont work. How do I access the client's config to fix the block breaking bug?
  6. Hey guys I could use some help with my config files. First off in the fossil and archaeology mod, I was trying to turn off the block breaking effect that the T-Rex and brontosaurus have but I haven't had any success. Here is a copy on that file: general { B:BrachiosaurBreaksBlocks=false B:DinosaursGrow=true B:DinosaursHunger=true B:SpawnAcademy=true B:SpawnAnu=true B:SpawnShipwrekcs=true B:SpawnWeaponShop=true B:TRexBreaksBlocks=false I have reloaded that mod-pack after tweaking it and the dinos still break the blocks. Any advice? The next issue is with
  7. Thanks for the help guys, the setting are really straight forward and easy to change.
  8. Ok so I found the file you are talking about, but what do I do? Do I delete it or just rewrite it? And do all members of the same server need to do this or just the server host?
  9. Im having an Issue with the large dinos (T-rex, brontosaurus, stegosaurus, Triceratops, ect.) breaking blocks, including bedrock, when they run into them. This makes it impossible to build them a cage short of creating their own island for them. Is there any /gamerule or code I can type in to turn off block breaking for these mobs? Turning off mob grieving does not work. Thanks for your time, Ram
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