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  1. Enhanced portals and waypoints are both instant travel.
  2. I think it works just like a chest. So, you can push items in, and pull them out of a tesseract with the project red pipes, but the broadcasting and requesting won't travel through it.
  3. Jsit has a good overview video on different power options:
  4. There is an advanced genetics trait to prevent creeper blowups, once you get a genetics lab going creepers become much less annoying.
  5. Anyone tested these on a 1.0.10b multiplayer server much? I read some stuff about with earlier versions of project red they'd crash multiplayer servers completely until they were yanked out with mcedit, so I'm a bit scared to try them there. Got some simpler stuff set up in a local creative world with only minor issues (sometimes unneeded extras are created.) Working on a little auto-obsidian generator on my server now and would love to tie it in to my request system, but afraid I'll bust everything.
  6. I didn't forget it, I just meant this to be a regular portal to the nether. In all the mod spotlight videos the modifier block was not needed to just make different size regular nether portals. With a portal modifier it indeed works fine for me, just thought it was supposed to be unnecessary.
  7. I was under the impression that I could create smaller enhanced portals with enhanced portals 2. Does anyone know what's going wrong here? I tried to light it with the enhanced flint and steel, but it just seems to burn. I'm on 1.0.10b of the mod pack.
  8. Yeah, I might end up doing that, 6 doors 6 conveyors and no power was a much cheaper and easier system though, was hoping to get it up and running that easy.
  9. So, I thought I was really clever using a conveyor belt under an infinite villager spawner to pump the babies into my smeltery instead of using pistons, but the babies seem to warp back to their parents from the conveyor before they fall into the smelter. Is that a bug, or just how the baby villagers behave?
  10. So, I crashed on the moon, and it respawned me in a mooninite village, and took away all of my advanced genetics enhancements. Is this intended? I can't even make it back to the moon base to get to our portal or rockets. I just keep dying and respawning in the moon village. I can't imagine this is intended, as there is no way for me to do anything other than wait for my friends to build me more gear and come to the rescue. Anyone else have this issue? We have died before on the moon, in 1.0.9, but it didn't take away our genetic enhancements (EDIT: actually, I'm not sure about this bit, not su
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