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  1. I'm a fellow server owner with a very large mod pack like your own. We found that 3 GB is perfect for 150+ mods, because most players simply don't have 4GB or more memory to spare. It then comes down to them even having the processing power in their CPU and loading times with how fast their hard drives are. If you look while in-game with your memory set to 3, it won't usually go up past 2000. But a large pack will require around 3 as Technic tries to load up all of the mods. Goodluck with your new server
  2. Coming to the server soon, Labyrinth and Snail Race multi-worlds! Join us and have fun racing other players morphed as a snail, or get lost looking for treasure in an ever changing maze with traps tunnels pyramids and more! Snail Races Map will have 3 different courses to start with, and we will add more race courses as time goes on and our community grows! Morph into a snail and race your friends slowly but steadily through a maze with twists, turns, boosts, and traps! Labyrinth Map will have a maze that contains walls that change according to player interaction and just random time collections. With refilling loot chests, exits to other temples and harder mazes, deadly traps, and mob spawners you will always be fighting for your life here! But you will be fighting for the reward of diamonds, iridium, gold, iron, lapis, redstone, books, armor, tools, solar panels, blocks, and much more! Join our community today and you'll have a chance to share your ideas with us as we create the worlds!
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HVxOcftV9fA Greif Protection We use a forge mode called MyTown Protection. MyTown has an active modual type of protection, this means everytime a mod is added to the server MyTown will detect it and find anything that could cause grief to a player's town and stops it. This mod protects against 99% of ways to grief another player! Its a very simple style of protection because you don't claim by blocks or make payments or play for hours to get more claims, you just claim by chunks! We give our players a healthy amount of chunks to claim, so right off the bat you can protect the area you find in our 24k world and get building! Banned Items We only have around 20 banned items, although this is not very many at all considering we have hundreds and hundreds of items in the modpack! We only ban griefing, lag causing, over powered items. And they're banned for everyone. We do ban power suits for everyone but our donators though, as we think the power suits are a special thing to own because of their sheer over powered nature + their something cool to have.
  4. WARNING: Requires 64-bit Java and additional memory assigned to your launcher to run properly! This is a massive modpack and it will take a decent amount of power to run properly. First launch will take some time. Our Website: ambientcraft.com Server Information: ambientcraft.com/reloaded More Information about us: ambientcraft.com/about Modlist: ambientcraft.com/forum/modlist Technic Launcher: technicpack.net/download Technic Modpack: technicpack.net/modpacks/ambientcraft Technic Platform URL: http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/ambient-craft-reloaded Server Address: Need Help? Check out or tutorial here: ambientcraft.com/reloaded/tutorial We only have 30 player slots currently, but we are always willing to expand the slots and server's memory to keep players happy and lag to a minimum! We hope to get some awesome new players joining us soon.
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