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  1. I can't seem to locate the server. None of the addresses I've found work. Is it down, or is there a more current address??
  2. I am a fairly all around player, but I do enjoy the satisfaction of doing things in survival, lol. I am very interested in doing some kind of large-ish automation project that can't be done in vanilla. I am 39 and just looking for some other chill people to make some cool stuff with, hopefully that I will continue to play other mods and games with. I have a mic or whatever form of communication you prefer. You can find me, literally everywhere I am, as: camodragon09, email: [email protected], or skype, steam, G+, FB, etc etc.
  3. Ign: camodragon09 Age: 39 What you like to do on minecraft: I like to build contraptions, and automation. I want to build a factory. :-) Reason why this server: I want to start a tech project with a group, and I'm interested in your whitelisted server to try and get away from some of the "issues" that come with public servers.
  4. I have been searching for a modpack that centers on magic for awhile, I'm very excited to play!! Unfortunately I cannot get the web page to load, nor can I connect to your server. I have downloaded the modpack successfully though. Could you post the server IP/address again for confirmation please :-)
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