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  1. Launcher starts and then goes dark then goes back to technic launcher log: http://pastebin.com/qS3v3Ykx
  2. Thank you! All mods work now other then hexxit
  3. http://pastebin.com/6yY3aKYU This log is the latest from today
  4. So for some reason every time I try to play any sort of official mudpack hexxit/attack of the b team, when I start and click play it would load through the launcher screen and auto refresh the launcher screen to empty (with no logs) and any time I click play it keeps doing the same thing, I tried reinstalling launcher and .technic folder 2 times and stil having this issue. I'm not sure if this issue is just me having windows 10 but I never had this windows back when I had windows 8.. Video: https://gyazo.com/4789d35381b193d614fb08678b2aff84
  5. Hey I'm an owner of a attack of the b team server I never had that problem but anytime I join it now it would always say "The following multiparts are not installed on this client: pr_100v, pr_f100v" and don't tell me I'm playing a wrong version since the server is 1.0.9c and the server is 1.0.9c also, so I don't know whats wrong can anyone help me please!? Here a [LINK] to the disconnected message.
  6. Curently everyone who posted before this post (by me) are white listed! Heres an updated white list, if your not on the white list please repost your template. Whitelist chubbers101 Lilhmongboii Montyis1000 TehLlamaMan sheep_playsmc Euan888 Akkilles H00d1yN1nj4 Areswarrior46 IsaacLeite DDDungeonGuy simon1lewis
  7. FireOP IP: chubbers.aternos.me (there is no port, if you put a port the server's IP will not work!) Ever wanted to play just a plain Vanilla Attack of the b-team with your friends? well now you have a chance, FireOP is a new dedicated survival server that will give you so much fun online! The server was made by chubbers101 who's currently the owner of the server. ============================================================================================== What We offer you: 〔✔〕Safe environmental server 〔✔〕No lag 〔✔〕Friendly staff/players 〔✔〕Fun! 〔✔〕Keep your inventory on death! =============================================================================================== Server Rules: 〔✔〕Don't grief 〔✔〕Don't steal 〔✔〕Don't cheat 〔✔〕respect others 〔✔〕Don't ask for stuff (More server rules Might be added soon or in-game) ================================================================================================ How to get whitelisted? To get whitelist is simple all you need to do is fill out the application below and post it on forum (APPLICATION IS EDITED INTO A MORE SIMPLE FORMAT ) Ign: Have you ever ban banned or did you ever greif?: ================================================================================================= How Do I know when the server is online? Check on the server a few times a day and you will know or add chubb on skype to know when its on! skype: "Its Chubbers101"
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