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  1. hi im 14 years old and want to join this piece of server. i really want to play on a server with a community to play with hoping for answer
  2. IGN: dravusHd Location: finland Age: 14 Skype: jakob.lindvall1 Why you want to join: i want a server/community to play on/with. i want to have fun times and just chill How experienced are you at the mods: i have very good experience about the mods. What mod are you best at: building mods and galacticcraft
  3. IGN: dravusHd Age: 14 Timezone: EET About You: i really enjoy the attack of the b-team. im kinda good builder and so. Why you Want to Join: i want an community where i can play with other people. What are you good at in this modpack: building mostly but i wanna try other mods too How often will you be on: like 4 hours a day
  4. IGN: dravusHd First Name: jakob Skype: jakob.lindvall1 Age: 14 What you enjoy doing in AotBT: building stuff ,exploring and just chilll Most importantly write a paragraph: i really want an server to play ona and play with other people. i think your community is going to be awesome and i hope it will keep going
  5. IGN: dravusHd Why you should be accepted?: cause im a nice guy. i like to help people. and i want a server to play,chill and have fun on What mod do you plan to focus on?: most of the building mods but like galacticcraft is awesome, witchery too What do you like to do in Minecraft/AOTB (ex. Build, Explore, etc.): all the building possibilities and other cool stuff. i like to build buildings and projects so i hope you can accept me
  6. hello mate. i want to join your server. i see its many people who asking for playing on it but im hoping to be able to play on the server. IGN: dravusHd Age (no restrictions on age): 14 Experience level (with AotBT and/or MC): i´ve been playing mc in a long while. in kind of 3-4 years now maybe longer than that. i´ve been playing aotbt in a few months. What you are looking for in a server: im looking for a little whitelisted server to make new friends and just play with people. i dont like servers without whitelist and there its just free to join because its too many no place to build and its not easy to make friends there. i also like to build and get inspiration from others. i promise to follow the rules and be a active player and im pretty good at building
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