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    IGN: JonathanCleaves
    I am a huge fan of modded minecraft servers, but yet all the ones i have been on have been "Vote to get diamonds" and pay to do anything kind of servers, and to be honest I am just looking for a friendly community where you dont just get killed by someone with end game gear the moment you enter. I am hoping very much I get onto the whitelist for I am sure your server is one of the better (and most probably friendier) ones out there.
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    IGN: Beldhyr
    Details: After playing for 2 years on a similarly friendly server, I got a bit bored with the two mods installed there.  (Yes, just 2, but good ones.)  I wanted to play with different blocks, essentially.  Minecraft is my creative outlet, although I've never been one for creative mode.
    Around the first of the year, I started playing on a Hexxit server for about a week.  It was one of those large, impersonal servers that gives way too much stuff for voting their server up and encourages "donations."  The server reset, and I wasn't going to start over, so I moved to AotB and found a wonderful small community.  That server switched modpacks to an unofficial 1.7 update, resetting the world after a few weeks.  Well, I didn't want to start from scratch again, but I did anyway for the community.  Now that server seems to be gone, and has been for over a week.  This is what I was working on on the last server, the cathedral of thaumaturgy, if you'd like a sample of my building style.
    I'd like a community that plans to be around a while.  If you plan to *ever* reset the world, I am not interested. 
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    Hello beautiful people!
    We very recently started an attack of the b-team server and it turned out pretty good. We have a small community of active players going now and we are looking to expand that number. We are running this dedicated server with 4gb ram and an octa core xeon processor! We ask that you be at least 16 years old, as we hope to maintain a mature community. There are no exceptions for this age minimum.   Our only rules are no griefing or PvP without consent. We expect our members to be respectful and friendly towards everyone else, and if rules are broken we have constant backups, and will ban immediately.   If you are looking for a small server without spam or grief then feel free to join us on our adventures. You would also be able to use the server for let’s plays or mod reviews. The server is online 24/7 and is hosted on a powerful computer with a good connection located in the Netherlands.   *Please note that we are looking for a limited amount of new players, so only a few will be accepted! We are also specifically looking for people within the GMT-3 to GMT+3 timezones, but people from all timezones may be accepted (:    If you are interested, please post with your real name, your skype username, age, and Timezone. We will get back to you within a short period of time. Thanks!