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[Whitelisted]AoTB Server[16+][Small Friendly Community]

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Hello beautiful people!


We very recently started an attack of the b-team server and it turned out pretty good. We have a small community of active players going now and we are looking to expand that number. We are running this dedicated server with 4gb ram and an octa core xeon processor! We ask that you be at least 16 years old, as we hope to maintain a mature community. There are no exceptions for this age minimum.
Our only rules are no griefing or PvP without consent. We expect our members to be respectful and friendly towards everyone else, and if rules are broken we have constant backups, and will ban immediately.
If you are looking for a small server without spam or grief then feel free to join us on our adventures. You would also be able to use the server for let’s plays or mod reviews. The server is online 24/7 and is hosted on a powerful computer with a good connection located in the Netherlands.
*Please note that we are looking for a limited amount of new players, so only a few will be accepted! We are also specifically looking for people within the GMT-3 to GMT+3 timezones, but people from all timezones may be accepted (:
:sax: If you are interested, please post with your real name, your skype username, age, and Timezone. We will get back to you within a short period of time. Thanks!
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Real name and skype:

real name is Yani (I'm arabian, but i was born in america, so my english and pronounciation wont be that good.)

skype is yani.shehzad

age is 14

time zone is EST


I try to be as mature as possible, but my age might make you think otherwise. I am not really immature especially with people i dont know so well..

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Name: Angie

Skype: rijl.awwa

IGN: Rijlal

Age: 28

Timezone: Mountain Time (GMT - 8)


I'm looking for a more active server. The one I joined is nice, but lately no one ever logs on. I'm very active myself and love attempting challenging builds in survival mode. I know I'm not in your desired time-zone, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask. =)

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name: Leonardo (Leo)



age: 16

timezone:GMT -3


I was playing on a small AOTBT server,but it's not runnig anymore. I'm very active and didn't have any problems in other servers.

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Name: John


IGN: WaywardWolves

Age: 22

Timezone: Central U.S. (GMT - 5)


I played on one other B-team server for a couple of days and it was constantly offline.  I realize our time zones aren't the closest, but if the connection is good and the lag is bearable I think it could be a good time.


EDIT:  I do plan to record if I am accepted. Just a quick FYI.


Since another applicant shared a photo I suppose I can too.  Here's a picture of a building I managed to throw together on that first server I mentioned.



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Real name : George (I don't feel good about sending my second name to a bunch of people on this forum I don't know) but you may ask me on skype

Skype : (my skype is my real name so.. PM ME FOR MY SKYPE)

Ign : GlitchyCreeper23

Age : 21

Timezone : Gmt

Why I want to apply: I am basically trying to find a good little server that I can build my evil lair!

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real name: Daniel




sype: i think i dont have one yet but if i can join the server and u want me to make one i will create it only for that reason


why want to join:honestly this will be my second server that im going to test, i already played a massive pixelmon server and its cool, but i like the idea of playing a little one where evereyone knows everyone,where people wont make unfinished building or things like that, and full of trusty people that u know they wont steal u things so u dont need to hide them and because i really want to play an attack of the bt server, i hope u accept me, if not, plz let me know because if not ill be waiting a lot, trust me, a lot for ur answer. oh ya ps, my mail: [email protected]

Waiting for a quick answer friend.

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Real name: Boreley

Skype: don't have one but can get one if needed

Age: 16

Time Zone: GMT -5 (I generally play on odd hours [afternoon/eveing for you])


WIWTP: I would like to play on a small community server and(when i upgrade my computer) will make some LPs.

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Congrats on your new B-Team server! I'd like to apply to your server as it sounds like a perfect fit for me. I enjoy servers where there are some rules and where everyone plays nicely together and random people don't come to your house and steal stuff. I really hate working hard collecting things and crafting things to find it all gone the next time i log on.


Real name: Chalsie

Skype Username: miku.hatsune808

Age: 35

Timezone: HST (Yes Hawaii has it's own timezone)

IGN: x_Miku_Hatsune_x


Ok hope to join in the fun soon! :P

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Real name: Nathan

Skype username: nathanxnaptime

Age: 23

Timezone: EST

IGN: nathanxnaptime


I'd love to play on a small server to learn how AotBT works and to actively make new friends, I try to play every day and be active in my world but there's a lot of stuff in the mod pack so I'm still learning.

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Real name: Jeff

Skype username:  got one but not saying it here pm if needid :P

Age: 25

Timezone: GMT+1

IGN: exceed55

Country: Holland ( dint see it but just added it in  :P


so myea i was looking for a small lil server with not that many people on it. so you at least know your stuff is safe and or still got room to build at some nice spots :P  ghehe

i my self am a real builder/survivaler... er is that a word xD  ah wel :P and im just a tech junky XD tho its a nice change to play attack of the b team ^^ some how i liked it tho its less tech :P


so erm myea thats about it ... soo eehh... oh yea is the server still alive ? or did people get bored ? :P 

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Hey there I would love to join the server My name is Tim Hapner I was born 03/26/1994 (20 years old :) ) and my skype name is timothy.hapner  and im on mc with the name haps94   I also live in the Eastern Standard Time E.S.T

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Real name: Matthew

Skype Username: Spikedude972

Age: 16

Timezone: GMT

IGN: Xtreme001

Reason: I really wan't to join a community where I can make friends and build great things with people and not have to worry about greifers or lack of resources.

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