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  1. IGN: Rebel323 Age: 18 What do you like to do: Build and make everything work together What do you dislike: people who steal from others when they are gone What do you like to do in real life: i am a baseball player and i frolf Time zone, nearest city if you don't know: Central Standard/ Chicago
  2. Minecraft username: Rebel323 Where you found this server: On the Technic Forums Why you want to be on this sever: I want a server that has a friendly community and that is stable enough so that I dont lose hours of hardwork on constant resets. What are you planning on doing on the server: I tend to build a lot and what I build all functions together. Your favourite colour: Sea Foam Green
  3. Minecraft Username: rebel323 Age:18 A bit about yourself: I only play modded minecraft vanilla is too plain for my liking. Really into building and making things flow together nicely. Why should you be invited: i enjoy helping out in a community and I want a server that wont be full of griefers and thieves like the other ones i have been in.
  4. IGN: Rebel323 Steam name: Bulbo Pls (I dont use skype) Age: 18 Why you want to join the server: i enjoy being in a community that i can help and have fun with What mods you think you'll focus on: Project red and Minefactory
  5. Name: Trevor Age: 18 In-Game name: rebel323 Steam Account name: bulbo Pls How much do you know about the Modpack: have been playing since release Why should i pick you: i enjoy a community and am willing to drop everything to help someone out Are you a Adventure/Builder/Crafter: builder and Crafter Would you enjoy a In-Game Shop: Sure
  6. Real name: Trevor skype: Trev.Dall age is 18 time zone is CST IGN is Rebel323
  7. igm: Rebel323 age: 18 gender: Male why you wan't to join: enjoy having a small tight knit community to have fun with skype (optional but helpful to us): trev.dall
  8. IGN: Rebel323 Age (no restrictions on age): 18 Experience level (with AotBT and/or MC): know all the mods fairly well What you are looking for in a server: enjoy a small community to play with
  9. Ingame Name: Rebel323 Age: 18 Why you want to join: enjoy having a community to work with and build with Skype: trevor.dallio How well do you know this mod pack: have played a singleplayer save for several hours Do you agree to the rules? Yup
  10. IGN(in game name): Rebel323 Reason of wanting to join: Enjoy having a small community to share builds and help with Your favorite mod: Not in the pack but forestry is my favorite. In the pack probably Carpenters Age:(optional but you should be 15): 18 Youtube:(optional, I'm personally not doing anything youtube atm): Nothing ATM Skype account(yes or no, it wont hurt your chances of joining): trevor.dallio
  11. IGN: Rebel323 Age: 18 Skype: trevor.dallio Average time you'll be on the server: depends on school load/ sports Why do you want to join? enjoy having a small whitelisted community to help and play with Will you follow the rules? absolutely
  12. IGN: rebel323 Age: 18 What do I like to do: Building is the aspect of the game I enjoy the most as well as having a community to help What do I dislike: Thiefs and Griefers too many times has this happened to me What do I like to do in real life: Play baseball year round. Frolfing. And I enjoy hunting. Time Zone: Central Standard Time (Chicago)
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