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[Whitelisted]AoTB Server[16+][Small Friendly Community]

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Hello There,


I'd like to sign me up for your server.

My name is Jeoffrey, i'm 19 years old and live in belgium (The small country at the north sea above France).

It would be fun to join a small community server. I see that many players already posted here for a place on the server. So why not try at last :).


My skype name is : Jeoffrey.van.den.vyver


hope i see u soon


Greetz Jeoffrey

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i have skype now, i think my skype name is RAXEL but my mail on it is [email protected], how do i know if im accepted on the server? will u guys send me a message on this forum or will contact me via mail or skype? plz id like to know that, i already posted the rest of my info btw, there was just my skype missing, waiting for an answer

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real name- Johnathan Henry

skype username- Creeperfighters

age- 17

Timezone-Pacific time


It would be really cool if i could join this server dude. i have been looking for one for a while but i hope you will accept this.

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Name: Kris

skype: theblackmagickz

Age: 22

Time Zone: Mountain Standard (Though Time dosnt matter to me cause I only sleep a few hours a day)

IGN: Mkbgaming82


I'm actually quite tired of running servers myself then having people join and leave. I would enjoy being on a server that actually lasted longer then a month with people who did more then make dirt houses before leaving.


Best way to get ahold of be is via skype

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Name: Johannes Rønning

Skype: sablabaesj

Age: 16

Timezone: GMT+1 (Norway)

IGN: sablabaesj

Really looking for a 24/7 server with people on in the day. Stumbled upon this post, and oh my, it's perfect! I have played a bit aobt before, and will be focused mostly on archimedes ships and various technical mods. Hope to be accepted, would really appreciate it!

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Skype: sickstick39
Age: 18
Timezone: GMT+1 (Slovenia)
IGN: SickStick39


I have been searching for a good ATOB server for a while now and i kinda gave up. than i found your post and i think that you are perfect. i am a mature person who likes to have fun and i have tried to play this modpack on my own in SP but it is just not the same as playing with other people since i think that this modpack was designed to be played on a SMP.I really hope that you accept me and i will see you on the server ;)

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Real name : Daniele

Skype : elle-kun92

Ign : frakka

Age : 21

Timezone : Gmt+1

Why I want to apply : I just to finally find a server with mature people who wants to play a lot and collaborate on big projects. I just can't stand kids and flames anymore. I want to start this new world and I paln to make it wonderful

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Real Name - Stuart

Skype - king.bogo

IGN - TheBogomils

Age - 34

Timezone - GMT (Scotland)

Why I want to apply - Looking to join a good community for Minecraft again. Have played on a few servers over the last year or two, vanilla, and a few FTB. Have been played Hexxit a lot recently and was browsing through the other modpacks and this one really caught my eye. So watched a few different videos from a different people and I would love to try it out with other people and see what others do. Some of the mods I have used a lot like Tinkers Construct, love morph, sync looks good fun and at some point will try Galacticraft. Really just looking to be part of a good community and have fun and learn lots of new mods.

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Real name: Charlee

Skype: djknuff

Age: 25

Timezone: GMT+1

IGN: framtanden

I'd like to play with friendly people, in a smaller community without griefing and killing. So I think this would suit me. Also, I'm posting an application for my friend too, since we play alot together and would like to continue with that. We are both friendly players.


Real name: Daniel

Skype: mimlamimla

Age: 28

Timezone: GMT+1

IGN: Barngel


thank you for taking the time to read.


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IGN: Leihare


Real Name: Steve


Age: 21


Skype: Sasumi-kun


Time Zone: GMT-5(Eastern US, but play often with others from Europe, and are on durring times that coinside with your requirements)


I want a private whitelisted server because, over the past few weeks, I've played on several non-whitelisted servers only to deal with very young kids and immature admins.

These immature admins activities include improper administration of a server, as well as the reset of a map(and all my work) due to his/her immaturity and irrisponablity. I'm an excelent builder, with three years admin experiance on a vanilla server. Please consider me as a possible addition to your seemingly wonderful server (: <3


I love to build crazy, beautiful things, so I plan to do a lot of that. I also plan to make my crazy beautiful build functional with all of the mod packs over the next few months (:

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I love that you started the post with Hello Beautiful people so i would like to say, Hello beautiful Person <3

Real name:  Steviej Callender

Skype:  Steviejcallender 

Ign:  SteevieJc

Age:   Turning 20 on 26th April 

Timezone:   GMT  UK

Why I want to apply: I have played around a few ABT Servers and have found it hard to find one i really like. The thing that caught my eye about this server is that it said for Mature players, there is nothing worse than a whiney 12 year old :P I an Currently an admin on two servers and are looking to have some fun playing on a community based server. I am a very creative builder and i enjoy the building for the community.

I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

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I am applying for myself and a friend who is too lazy to make an account on this site .-.




Name Alexa
Skype cheetah363

Age 17

Timezone  GMT/UTC - 05:00 hour


Name Gabby

Skype Animegal1251

Age 17

Timezone  GMT/UTC - 05:00 hour

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If you still happen to be looking for players from the European region then here I am :)

Name: Stefan
IGN: JaiRizm0it
Age: 22
Skype: t.i.cal
Timezone: GMT+1

I've got quite a bit of experience with Minecraft (playing since 2011) and the modpack itself. I'm from Germany and have a similar playstyle as Docm ;)

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Real name: Jordan

IGN: CRAZYmonk3y1998

Skype: CRAZYmonk3y1998

time zone is EST and I live in Australia

Age: I am 16 and am very mature and sensible

I am very interested to play on an attack of the b team server with a friendly and mature community. I am very active and have been playing the mod pack for a while now, so I am very good at most of the mods that are involved in attack of the b team. I am very good and building and like helping others if they need it.

Thanks for spending your time to read this application :)

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IGN: Chief987


Skype name: edominx


Age: 16


Why you want to join the server: Living in a small community, doing projects with other members of the community


What mods you think you'll focus on: Tinkers Construct, Flans, Galacticraft and Thermal Expansion

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Real name : Haqim

Skype Username : Hatashine

Age : 17

Timezone : GMT+8, Singapore (it's 12.30am here when I typed this)

IGN : WTFlaming0


I might not be able to skype that often until around end of July. Because it's kinda noisy here with the construction. But I'll try my best. 

I wanna join because I wanna learn this mod with the help of professionals, or at least, experienced people. (I know quite a number such as the Tinkerer, Flans, and all that jazz.)

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Real name: Matheus

Skype: suetima

Age: 16
Timezone: BRT (GMT -3)

IGN: debiile


I've always been a fan of whitelisted servers. I am a member of the KwadKraft Private Server community where we play minecraft mindcrack/hermitcraft style, however I've grown tired of vanilla. I just want to taste AoTB with a bunch of other people!

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Real Name: Kalen


Username: kalen2701


Age: 16 (17 in a few months)


Skype: kalen.2701


Timezone: GMT-8


I'm just looking for a small AOTBT server to have other people around. I don't know what the server is like but I wont probably wont be doing stuff with people all the time.

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