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  1. In Game Nick: JaiRizm0it Skype: t.i.cal Age: 22 Country: Germany Modpack Experience: I know most of the mods and am looking to master the remaining few Basic Online Times: 3pm to 2am (spread around that timezone) Favorite Mod: Tinker's Construct Why do you want to play on the Server: I am looking for a not too big whitelisted server with an active player base to experience something similar to the youtubers. What do you like to do on the Server: I like to automate a lot of things and also be able to provide others with materials What should we know about you: I play similarly to Docm77 and I'm German like he is
  2. If you still happen to be looking for players from the European region then here I am Name: Stefan IGN: JaiRizm0it Age: 22 Skype: t.i.cal Timezone: GMT+1 I've got quite a bit of experience with Minecraft (playing since 2011) and the modpack itself. I'm from Germany and have a similar playstyle as Docm
  3. Application IGN: JaiRizm0it Age: 22 Skype: t.i.cal In game skills: Automation & Productivity YouTube(if you have one): Only using it to lurk and sub Why you feel you should be accepted: I can add some German flair to the server haha. I really do kind of play like the most famous German Minecraft youtuber Docm. Building a basic place to stay and then automate many things and make them work for me. I can also help people out with resources or machine setups if i am able to
  4. Sorry if my english is not correct, not my native language. I had a similar idea, and wanted to suggest to maybe make the version numbers a clickable link to the respective changelog of the mod. If that isn't too much work, then i'd think it'll be a nice addition to make our lives easier in search for all the new goodies
  5. Yes there is a tutorial on YouTube by jsit. I can't link you right now as I'm on my phone but you'll find it. It's called set it and forget it power. Hope that's what you're looking for
  6. Hey, me and a friend would like to join. We're both 22 and from Germany. We play quite often and would love to experience it in the way of the Youtubers! My IGN is JaiRizm0it and my friend's is Dekztr0. Let me know what you think
  7. Ingame Name: JaiRizm0it Age: 22 Why you want to join: I am looking for an active and mature community after being disappointed by a few others servers where people behaved like they we're in kindergarden. I am open for projects of any kind and would love to experience the mod pack in the way of the youtubers it is named after. Location: Germany How well do you know this mod pack: I tried out most of the mods included and have good knowledge of most of them. If I don't know something I am able to look it up myself to not bother others with questions all the time Do you agree to the rules? Sure do
  8. oh thanks for pointing that out. if they have a policy like that, they should atleast take the initiative themselves to give people something to adjust by. i mean watching youtubers using updates for ~2 weeks (with a pack that's named after them in this case even) and not knowing when you're able to use the same stuff is a bit discouraging. i do appreciate the work they put in and having a nice modpack for free of course, but still ;/
  9. is there a rough estimate on the release? i'd looooove to finally update my server (it's on nitrado, so it's a bit hard to manually do things)
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