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  1. Ingame name: Frakka Age: 22 Reason why you want to join: All the reasons you listed above. Experience with MC and TPPI: I played MC since alpha. Then I got into attack of the b-team and some ftb modpacks. Now I'm trying this one. What are you planning on doing: Just EVERYTHING. I like community projects, of course. I'm italian, but I can speak English with no problems.
  2. ign: frakka skype: elle-kun92 how much you know about attack of th b team: a lot, I've been playing for long time fav mod: advanced genetics fav youtuber: the creatures banned before: nope age: 22 country: Italy how often will you be online: daily
  3. IGN: frakka Age: 22 Timezone: gmt+1, I guess (Italy) About You: I'm studying physics so yeah, a mdopack for mad scientists really fits me in Why you Want to Join: I want to be part of a small community What are you good at in this modpack: all the vanilla stuff (I've been playing A LOT with redstone) How often will you be on: I hope daily
  4. In case a spot will be open, sooner or later, since this would be the perfect server for me IGN: Frakka Age: 22 Reason why you want to join: I'm really looking forward for a mature server to play on Experience with MC and AotBT: I've been playing Minecraft since alpha and AotBT since its launch what are you planning on doing: Just building, making the most strange stuff I can Imagine while making friends. I hate the "forever alone" feeling of the SP worlds.
  5. IGN: Frakka AGE: 21 Why do you want to join?: I've been playing since alpha, and I want to mak enew friends since my last server is closing :c Skype: elle-kun92 What do you consider yourself best at in Minecraft (optional): redstone in general
  6. So, I am playing in an AotBT server, and one of the guys spawned in a Tropicraft Portal. Bad thing, she did it near to my house, and it turned all the chunk in an indestruvtible one, like the one at spawn. So, now, I can't use any of my items or destroy stuff in my own house. How do I solve this? Is there a way to destroy the portal? Can the admin solve this? Am I screwed?
  7. Real name : Daniele Skype : elle-kun92 Ign : frakka Age : 21 Timezone : Gmt+1 Why I want to apply : I just to finally find a server with mature people who wants to play a lot and collaborate on big projects. I just can't stand kids and flames anymore. I want to start this new world and I paln to make it wonderful
  8. Age: (Prefer 18+) 21 (yay finally an 18+ server) Ign: frakka Why do you want to join the server?: to join a mature community I can play everyday with, building stuff togheter (isingleplayer is becoming sad, I'm playing since the MC alpha) Skype: elle-kun92
  9. Age: (No age limit) 21 Ign: frakka Are you a experience Aotbt player?: yes, I played a lot and I'm playing since the alpha came out Why do you want to join the server?: Cause I want to be part of a strong but small community, which I can play with everyday doing stuff togheter Skype: elle-kun92
  10. Name: Daniele Age: 21 In-Game name: frakka Skype/Steam Account name: elle-kun92 , LongSpicyCat How much do you know about the Modpack: not everything, but all the important stuff Why should i pick you: Cause I play MC since th ealpha and I never found a decent community to work with, and I can't wait to start something big and wonderful Are you a Adventure/Builder/Crafter: Do I have to choose? Adventure get boring fast without pvp, so I'll say Builder Would you enjoy a In-Game Shop: Of course
  11. IGN: frakka Name(Optional): Daniele Age(no limit): 21 Why do you want join?: to be part of a strong community Skype[Required!!!]: elle-kun92 How does a city sound to you(AoTBTwise...)?: awesome and full of carpenters block
  12. IGN: frakka Age (no restrictions on age): 21 Experience level (with AotBT and/or MC): Played Minecraft since the alpha, pretty new to AotBT What you are looking for in a server: Mature poeple willing to do stuff, having fun and working together
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