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  1. Ingame name (for whitelist):FLfn19 Age (16 or above only please, and no cheating! I will find out ;P):I`m 16. Country of origin:Brazil Give a brief statement/motivation on why you want to join: I want to join on this server because it looks like a previous one I was playing(that it`s not runnig anymore) and it was awsome being able to play with other people. Do you have a skype account and are you willing to be in a skype group? (not required):I do have a skype account, but I don`t no if my spoken english is good. Do you plan on putting up videos on youtube? (Not required): N
  2. IGN:FLfn19 Age:16 Why you would like to join: I`m looking for a nice small whitelisted server, and this one seems what I`m looking for.
  3. name: Leonardo (Leo) skype:Flfn19 IGN:Flfn19 age: 16 timezone:GMT -3 I was playing on a small AOTBT server,but it's not runnig anymore. I'm very active and didn't have any problems in other servers.
  4. IGN:Flfn19 Skype:Flfn19 Do you agree with our rules to the server? Yes Age: 16 Youtube:No How active you will be on the server: Every time I can. Why should we pick you?: I was already playing on a AOTBT server since the release of the modpack, but it's not runnig anymore, so I have experience with multiplayer and with the modpack.
  5. Application:: Name:Leo IGN:Flfn19 Skype(MUST HAVE):Flfn19 Youtube:No Age:16 Why Do you want to join?:The server I was playing is not running anymore. And now I'm looking for a new one to join. Anything Else: NO
  6. Minecraft username:FLfn19 Are you over 16?Yes Do you plan to put footage on youtube? No Why you want to join? want to play in a small server with nice people
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