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  1. Minecraft name: Rijlal What country do you live in: USA Skype name: rijl.awwa Do you upload to Youtube?: No Age: 28 Acceptance of server rules? Yes, of course.
  2. IGN: Rijlal Age: 28 Experience level: I like to think I'm well-verse in the ways of minecraft. If I don't understand something, I research it. When people go 'I set this up right, why is it not working' I'm usually the one there helping to figure it out. What you are looking for in a server: Activity. The current server I am, I love it, but as of the last few weeks no one seems to come online. I like small mature groups. Don't mind goofing around. Frankly I like to build and I like to see what other people build.
  3. Name: Angie Skype: rijl.awwa IGN: Rijlal Age: 28 Timezone: Mountain Time (GMT - 8) I'm looking for a more active server. The one I joined is nice, but lately no one ever logs on. I'm very active myself and love attempting challenging builds in survival mode. I know I'm not in your desired time-zone, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask. =)
  4. Make sure the side of the cell (where you've hooked up the conduit) is orange. Blue is receive, Orange is send.
  5. On a server with three friends. One chose to hide underground, another up in the sky, and then the other burrowed into a mountain. I, however, chose differently. Welcome to RiTech: '> The front lobby is modest (and I left the door open, whoops): '> Current Research specimens: '> The testing chambers are nearly operational: '> Research is going well: '> Here at RiTech we hope to continue pursuing our research on genetics.
  6. I see the Mosasaurus DNA and Egg in the item list, but regardless of how many fossils I put through an analyzer, I cannot get a Mosasaurus DNA. I tried in creative mode by setting up a dozen or so analyzers and filled them with biofossils and sat there for far too long trying to see whether or not it was a rare find. So far the results are zilch on the Mosasaurus count. I tried taking a different approach to the problem by going to the tropicraft dimension - since all the dinosaurs seem to spawn there - to see if there was one there I could use an entity move on.. No such luck. Tried to find villagers that might offer the trade. Nothing. So, what am I doing wrong here?
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