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  1. This video was posted by a mojang employee Nathan "Dinnerbone" Adams. It features tripwires! I personally think they look like alot fo fun, could be awesome (yet kind of cliche for traps ) What does everyone else think of this? What devious devices do you foresee you making while using them?
  2. First off, I just love how we have such a split opinion on these forums about this and it has remained a discussion instead of a flame war Good job folks! As for my opinion on the matter I feel mojang should have left features like this added by mods to the mods, unless they are going to co-operate with the mod authors in importing the entire original mod into the game, these watered down versions are kind of bad? Mojang should focus on optimizing the game, cleaning up the code etc, adding new features that aren't already added by some mod or improving upon vanilla minecraft features already in the game.
  3. Rbd25

    Thaumcraft tips

    ...Tainted artifacts? Tainted Crystals? Tainted things from tainted areas of the map? Tainted taint from the land of tainted taint?
  4. Take a crash report and post it in the bug forums
  5. The recipe for teleport pipes makes 8 pipes, so 8 diamonds makes 8 pipes.
  6. You might have better luck using Redpower Pneumatic Tubes and some of the different redpower machines coupled with the timer.
  7. Wow, my original thread really sparked something, I was not expecting it to get that huge.. anyways, when people start taking sides and causing drama about mods and e-peens, it just causes more problems. Alot of the modders need to realize that their mods being here does wonders for them not only in exposure, but also still contributes downloads. I don't know about the rest of the technic community, but after a new minecraft update I keep an eye on the mods that are usually in the pack and while you technic guys are either waiting on a few mods to finish updating/ working your magic on getting them to all play nice together (Thank you for all you guys do) I will usually self install/configure the mods that are updated into a makeshift technic pack to use while waiting for the actual pack to be finished. So I am still downloading the mods from the site. The pack is a way more convenient way for people to install, play and maintain their modded game. Not only that but there is the community around it, everyone has the same base mods with all the same id's which enables easy sharing of their creations for others to download and check out. Add in the community bugfixes/workarounds to help and guide players into fixing game-breaking bugs until they are officially fixed. TLDR Technic is a great thing for it's players, mods and community and the modders should realize this.
  8. Just a quick post to see if anyone knows of a program that can render technic pack maps (I currently use Techtonicus and minetographer) I'm looking for one that can render the blocks that are added by the various mods within the pack such as redpower trees, resin trees, marble, oil, basalt, etc. or at least a way to enable these on my current setup. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  9. While it has been said about eloraam working with jeb on the new modding api, the thing that has worried some is that it will split the modding community, with some moving to using the new system and the rest keeping their work on the already functioning forge, like they have been doing for so long already. I'm, hoping that with eloraam helping, that it will be made easy for modders to have their mods on this new api. I believe cheapshot or kaker made a post about the new api and what it meant for technic, and this was a concern of theirs.
  10. Ah, Interesting. I'm wondering about Krapht now.. Also another thought came to mind, Isn't Spacetoad one of the major people in Minecraft Forge development? If so, what if he is stopping development for that as well? that could be... problematic.
  11. Yeah, I appreciate all the work that SpaceToad did on Buildcraft, it is one of my favorite mods. From what I've seen from logistics pipes, and the bit Ive seen from forestry, I'm thinking that Krapht and Sengir could keep it going though. I would also imagine that both logistics pipes and forestry will end up becoming merged into Buildcraft instead of being separate. Also I'm not too sure on what Sengir's Opinion is of technic pack... would be something one of the technic guys would need to clarify I think, I'm hoping he is alright with it however, maybe krapht will turn him to the light :D
  12. Hey guys, I was just checking out the different mods in the pack, seeing if any of the developers have had any thoughts on 1.2 and noticed on spacetoad's blog that he has decided to hand over the responsibility of Buildcraft to the community, specifically Krapht and SirSengir. (Logistics Pipes and Forestry) Just figured I would post this over here and give everyone a heads up. Link to Blog: http://www.mod-buildcraft.com/