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  1. You can add it yourself. Just go into the TreeCapitator config in your server folder.
  2. I found an issue with logistics pipes. I had a logistics power junction, with a basic logistics pipe connected out one side, connected to a copper wire coming out of a fusion reactor when the server experienced a severe crash. I don't have the log, and I will attempt to recreate the crash to get one. It is important to note I had to mcedit out the logistics pipe and junction to be able to log into the server once again. As a side-note, I would never have attempted that, however there is a serious lack of conversion modding between universal electricity, and buildcraft power.
  3. I was wondering where you post big dig bugs... There aren't any forums specifically for it, however there is for all the other modpacks. Unless we post the bugs here?
  4. zeus. What happened to liminality? I cant access the server. I need to speak with you or Non. Please email me at [email protected] I think liminality may have died and I dont like that.

    1. zeus5966


      Thanks to you my friend, we are coming BACK!
  5. Any plugin which has permissions should work with groupmanager.
  6. http://forums.technicpack.net/forums/technic-launcher-bugs-problems.10/ But be sure to read this: http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/common-problems-and-solutions.10851/
  7. Have you right-clicked the radar and toggled the button that says something along the lines of "Output on all sides." Otherwise, it will only output on the opposite side from where the missile is coming in from.
  8. Which permissions system are you using?
  9. Don't use PermissionsEX. It is really incompatible with modpacks for some odd reason. I use Groupmanager instead. Works like a charm, the ingame commands actually make sense, and its very trustworthy and doesn't break things. http://wiki.ess3.net/wiki/Group_Managerhttp://wiki.ess3.net/wiki/Group_Manager
  10. Maybe make it nuke sized, and not 200 blocks of radiation, but include fire n stuff, so its sort of like a nuke and a thermobarrak missile squished together.
  11. How would this be different from, say a Nuclear Missile?
  12. They are two different plugins, therefore two different setups. You cannot copy from PEX and paste into groupmanager. The reason you state isn't the problem of your permissions is in fact the problem. You will need to rewrite the Groupmanager file following their permission rules.
  13. That is true. It really is never ending isn't it. Hopefully some of them see an opportunity and become more than "A company EA owned".
  14. WELP! There goes EA. Let's all go celebrate the passing of EA!
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