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  1. The server just says "refused conenct" all the time anybody help?
  2. IGN: viperjf Age: 13 Why I would like to join: I would like this server with not so many people to feel like the server that generikb, chimneyswift and others play on. Also it will be fun to play and occasionally prank others :D
  3. Minecraft username:Viperjf Where you found this server?On The Attack of the bteam technic forums. Why you want to be on this sever?Other servers have people who just want to ruin your experience, and also i would like to meet new people and get the feel that were on a server like generikb and chimneyswift ect What are you planning on doing on the server?Im looking to do some witchery, foodplus and occasionally carpentors blocks but i wont take witchery to far with the curses ect dont worry Your favourite colour? Cyan For sure Thanks
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