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  1. Had some network issues(home hosted) and we got them taken care of so the server should have minimal to no downtime again and to ensure it doesnt happen again we are going to be moving the server over to a VPS asap! Thanks for playing!
  2. Can you post your config file before it resets to see if there is any issues?
  3. I got this error when i modified the mod configs to make multiple item ID's = 0. I was following a tutorial to help make the server run better, I ended up just reloading the configs and banning the items that needed ID change.
  4. just a quick update to what I did to the server today: Modified McMMo so that the tekkit items are all compatable(blocks, tools, armor) allowing the plugin to actually be usefull after the first 15 minutes of gameplay Added all the donor ranks to the donor shop, pretty proud of the rank discriptions. Let me know what you think I tried to keep the prices fair keep in mind they are all just to support the server! selectedgaming.net/donor Optimized the settler ingame commands as well as made some tweaks to minor mechanics in the way things happen. Spent a little bit of time cleaning up the perms, working towards admins and staff not needing to have OP permissions. Thanks for the patients with the server! Tekkitclassic, IP: mc.selectedgaming.net
  5. thank you very much for the advice, ill remove the ban on the crafting table. Is there any way I could get a link to those fixes/patches? I tried to find them before and I haven't had any luck. Again ty very much
  6. IP: MC.SELECTEDGAMING.NET RULES: RESPECT ALL STAFF MEMBERS, We are here to help! DO NOT CHEAT DO NOT GRIEF DO NOT COMPLAIN HAVE FUN THERE ARE NO MODS REMOVED BANNED ITEMS: There are very few banned items on this server! Teleport Tether Cart Anchor Cart Bore Ender Storage Chunk Loader Triangulator PLUGINS: GriefPrevention TekkitRestrict WorldGuard McMMo MobDisguise PermissionsEX EnjinPlugin Votifier MobArena WorldEdit Selected Gaming has been running servers for awhile but we shut them down to take a break, this is the launch of our first server in around 6 months. We do it as a hobby so we just add cool things as we go. We are three college students with jobs and class so we are on and make fixes/changes whenever we can! Server Hardware: We run our own hardware and do not pay a host! Xeon-e5 quad core cpu 12 gbs dedicated ecc server ram 190 mps download 100 mps upload t3 ping connection 256 gbs ssd 2 tbs hdd for backups The server should be up 24/7 If you have any questions or concerns leave a comment or visit us at http://selectedgaming.net!
  7. With most server hosts you have to submit a ticket or contact them to have them install tekkit.
  8. I have been out of the tekkit game for awhile, I used to run a 50-70 average player server and buildcraft used to be a huge problem when it comes to lag and such, I was wondering if there were any solutions to them out now, I see that some larger servers simply have them removed but id really rather not add to the banned items list on my server, any advice on the matter would be great! Also should I re-release my server as a whitelisted server before I go open server? Thanks for the help!
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