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  1. IGN: SpawnHorse Age:13 Experience with aotb: if four full enderium energy cells counts as experience then that is my expreience Skype name: SpawnHorse Personality: have a slight problem with everything needing to be even Good at building: Im going to be honest, I'm moderately god at building Why I should be accepted: I have lots of experience, and have been looking for a server for a while, and none have lived to my standards Favourite mod: MineFactory Reloaded Would you be willing to donate: unfortunaetely I will not be able to donate as I do not have a stable income I accept the ter
  2. MC name: SpawnHorse or use my Mojang email: [email protected] Age: 12 Minecraft Experience: 8 Building: 5 Tekkit: 7 Server Administration: 6 Jobs: I have been a mod for 6 weeks on the server Survival Craft, I banned players who did not follow the rules and any hackers. Why it interests me: This interests me because good Tekkit servers are hard to find, and it would be the first time I've helped create a server. Why I should be chosen: I should be chosen because I've got experience, and the time to write this despite me only using one arm to type, this is because recently I bro
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