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  1. just a question: when will 1.0.11a become recommended then?
  2. IGN: supremegamer76 Age: 15 Timezone: Pacific time zone (UtC - 08:00) About me: I mainly play minecraft, and video games, so I am veru experienced with minecraft, and most of the mods in modpacks. I also have a YT channel which I may make a series of this server if I get whitelisted. My youtube is supremegamer76. I occasionally would swim in my pool at my house, only if it is in the summer tho. Why I want to join: I have wanted a server that I can be in that has no or few plugins so that it will be more of a challenge to get home and stuff. If It will be up too date with the modpck, that w
  3. Ill like to join the server, and I might make a lets play out of it. Is there any banned items though? I cant use Skype so I'm going to talk to people in chat. And can you post info about the server, like any plugins or something. im almost done with 9th grade, Im out on the 18th so I will be playing a lot on this server, and I might even help with it. My user name is supremegamer76 just call me supreme. YT channel is also supremegamer76 but I am working on stuff for it. If you need any more info needed, I might give it. depends on if its private info.
  4. thx that worked It had a different value than normal.
  5. hi I found bug with project red. I don't know the version but there is a recipe for illumar in nei (any kind) but crafting it does not work. It does not show up to pull it out of the crafting bench I do not know if this is a problem with the mod or the modpack, but I reported it in the minecraft wiki page for the mod
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