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  1. You failed to install the patch correctly, by the looks of it. You need to merge my patch with the existing EE files, not override the zip file completely. Revert to a backup and try again, following the instructions letter for letter.
  2. Version 1 - 4 are for very old versions of Tekkit. I've just removed them from the OP to prevent confusion. The version numbers now correspond to the Tekkit version they target. For instance, 311a targets Tekkit 3.1.1. The letter ("a" in this case) indicates the version of the patch. The latest version of the patch is 311a. I did order the download list such that the top one is always the newest. On this note, has anyone tested the patch to see if it works with 3.1.2 or 3.1.3?
  3. Not too sure about the other issues as I've never really run a big server myself but to fix some of the EE tools bypassing worldguard you can use this. You'll want to disable any of the EE tools not listed as patched in that thread.
  4. Thing is, the player can look up into the air and place water all in the sky - no blocks are even being right clicked against.
  5. Pretty sure I did patch the lens, and as for the amulets, they create blocks (which is hard/impossible to patch because the BlockPlaceEvent expects the player to be holding a stack of items and to have right clicked against a block face). Not sure about the tools discharging when you leave a protected area, never seen that behaviour before. Might be a funky plugin.
  6. Just so you know, the compile/decompile process does not preserve the "style" - what you see is completely reproduced from Java's virtual machine code. I decompiled the code, added the fix, and recompiled - nothing else was changed. Also, I believe furnaces and RS ore use metadata and not seperate block IDs (though I could be wrong).
  7. You could also try using a sponge. Not sure how much range it has though.
  8. Thanks, updated the OP. You're welcome, glad the patch is helping you!
  9. Yes, try a different plugin, this is the first I've heard of that kind of behaviour. Also I'm sure you probably did, but check your server console/log.txt for any errors (or is that what you mean by problems with your sqldb?)
  10. If he releases those fixes publicly, with his permission I could include that in this patch. Also, as a general rule, if EE doesn't get updated, the patch should still work fine.
  11. @lambor009: Yes, you can send a PM via "Start Conversation".

  12. This requires Java 1.7 I believe. Honestly I don't really understand java versions but if you don't have 1.7 it errors at you so yea. Also Hellocreeper, are you using the latest version of the patch (311a) and on a Tekkit 3.1.1 server?
  13. Identified and fixed the red morning star problem, and updated the patch to link against Tekkit 3.1.1. Try this patch:
  14. That's weird, the morning star uses the exact same code as every other tool to fire block break events off. Does it happen with any other tool, or just the morning star?
  15. The Yogscast publish Tekkit videos to their channel(s), and they're definetly a youtube partner. You have nothing to worry about.
  16. Whenever I'm in the mood to do it. It also depends on if any of the EE tools changed since the last update - if the code for the tools hasn't changed, it should be just a case of linking against the newer Tekkit jars. Can someone try applying the patch to the 3.1.1 server and see what happens? Does it work as expected? If it doesn't, are there any server errors?
  17. Perhaps try disabling your texture pack or increasing the amount of RAM allocated to Tekkit.
  18. According to the front page announcment they've tweaked the server as it was under alot of stress due to sheer numbers, so far this seems to have solved the issues for me. I'm also 95% sure this thread is in the wrong section.
  19. Played the dev map a bit, it's hard - we basically have to farm zombie pigmen and zombies to get enough gold nuggets and iron bars to progress, and them zombie pigmen hit hard (and they spawn around the nether portal in the dozens).
  20. I seem to be having some issues too. Sometimes it will say "Can't connect to" and it will also say in the news box "Oh no our Tumblr feed seems to be down!", then I'll restart the launcher and it will work fine. Also the initial "Checking Launcher Version.." box sometimes just hangs at 0%, or crashes completely with a "TechnicPackUpdate.exe has stopped responding" windows error.
  21. Here goes. Patching tools which simply destroy blocks is easy. I create a BlockBreak event, which only cares about the block in question and the player - then I send it to bukkit. Patching tools which place or replace blocks is hard. The BlockPlaced and BlockCanBuild event expects there to be a player who's holding an item, as well as what block they're aiming at and what side of the block they're aiming at. This is completely irrelavant for tools such as the evertide amulet, which can arbitrarily spawn water in the air. Same goes for philosophers stone - there's no event for BlockChanged or something, I'd have to pretend the player broke the sand and replaced it with grass or something. It'd get messy and break and wouldn't work right. So that's why. It's something I could maybe do with alot of work and fiddling, but honestly why should I? It should be the task of whoever ported the mods to bukkit to do this, not me. Hence, I'm only going to patch destruction tools because they're easy (and the most... destructive, in the hands of a griefer).
  22. Updated the patch formally to Tekkit 3.0.4. Also extended the patch to 5 new tools/items: Destruction Catalyst Hyperkinetic Lens Catalytic Lens Nova Catalyst Nova Cataclysm Download can be found in the OP.
  23. The morning star and indeed all patched tools should be working with both protection plugins and anti-griefing plugins. The AoE functions of the tools reports a block break event for each block affected by the AoE, so your antigrief plugin should see the function just as if the player dug out all those blocks normally.
  24. I've been "delaying" answering that question because I'm not sure about the answer yet. I could, maybe, it depends how much free time I get and it depends what the code looks like.
  25. Try this class file for the axe: