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  1. Since I really do need gregtech in (and removing it did fix it) I decided to start to remove mods in the order I added them; most recent where removed first. The plan being to get it to a point where it worked as it was. I removed Gearbox and the server worked like a charm! Thanks anyway PS: You help a lot of people! Last time I had an issue, you came to my rescue! Its people like you that keep the modding community going! Good work!
  2. I have been working on a modpack for me and a few friends. I currently have 190 + mods installed and have already crashed a few times but I have fixed those. The client side pack works fine but the server crashes on start up before the world will even load! This is an issue. Crash Report : http://pastebin.com/NiiRk1dU Any help is greatly appreciated. I can see at the bottom of the report that there is an issue with gregtech but I really need gregtech in this pack as that is like the main mod. If there is any way around having to remove it then that would be great but if not then I wil
  3. Fixed it! After a while of trial and error, I stumbled into the issue. I'm not sure what it was but i went through and re installed every mod and it somehow worked so Im not complaining. Thanks for all the help
  4. I'm not 100% sure on how to increase the PermSize and Google wasn't too helpful. I changed the PermSize in the server.bat to 256m but it still crashes. I downgraded my version of computercraft to 1.58 and this didn't have any effect. I have uploaded a .zip of my server. I have a fairly powerful computer so that is why I have included a lot of mods although I will do some testing to see if there is a specific mod that is the problem or if I just need to decrease the number of mods. Here is the file : https://www.dropbox.com/s/uoxwihaehjl4a0a/TestServer.zip PS. I have dye trees because of th
  5. Ok then, I have removed mob dismemberment and downgraded to java 1.7 u55. I have rerun the server and it crashed at the same point. Im not sure how much of a difference it made but here is the most recent crash report : http://pastebin.com/prkyUKpL I will also include an image of all of the installed mods and a verification of the java I have installed : Is Immibis microblocks actually necessary? I have never had to use it before to run a server although it would be nice to be able to use microblocks with IC2.
  6. Thank you for replying so quickly First thing, the server crashes before it can even generate the world. I am using the same mods for the server as the client yet the client loads and can generate worlds perfectly fine. This means that everything is good in terms of config settings and ID conflicts. Currently the pack is not set up on an actual Technic link. I want to get it to a point where it works before uploading it. I forgot to remove mod dismemberment so I will try that and if that dosnt work, I will downgrade to java 7. I will see what happens
  7. FIXED!!! I have been working on a modpack for me and a few friends but it keeps crashing. This is not the case for client side however, only server side. I have removed mods like not enough items and inventory tweaks because they are client side only mods. Pastebin of the server crash report : http://pastebin.com/cbhAahTA I am not very good at understanding crash reports and as I said, it works find client side and i directly copied the mods and configs except client side only mods. -iLegendx98
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