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  1. Episode 3 is now out! I will now be moving onto Tinkers' Mechworks ASAP!
  2. New Episode Done! Episide 3 - Tinkers' Construct Blocks and Items http://youtu.be/EMnOHkm4GtI
  3. Hey Everyone, I've decided to start a new tutorial series for the technic packs (specifically Attack of the B-Team!) and I made the first episode about Tinkers' Construct! I plan to have four episodes, with the first being the basics of the mod! Hope you find it useful! Episode 1 - Tinkers' Construct Basics http://youtu.be/6V5edlcOYhE Episide 2 - Tinkers' Construct Smeltery http://youtu.be/wa2oPful5ic
  4. Here is a little tutorial I put together to help solve the missing sound problem! The video should explain everything, and if not, feel free to message me for help! http://youtu.be/t6GBIT3dpmY I worked out also that the fonts problem is fixable by just loading the game, changing to the default texturepack, closing the game and restarting it. Then just select your chosen texturepack.
  5. I think I just solved the whole sound issue with some modpacks!

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