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  1. Age:14 IGN:NexusBolt Skype:xnexusboltx Youtube Channel (If you have one):N/A how often will you play on the server? daily are you willing to play fair? Yes will you respect other players and their stuff/ builds? Yes
  2. IGN:NexusBolt Why should I be accepted: I'm friendly and I like to play with other people for fun and relax What mod do I depend to focus on:Witchery, adv. Genetics and others What do I like to do: I like to build and explore
  3. IRL Name: Tony Skype: xNexusBoltx Age: 14 ​How Active Will You Be: As Active As Possible Why Have You Chosen To Join This Server: I Got Bored Playing Alone How Experience Are You With This Modpack: 5 What Are You Doing To Do On The Server? Go Explore, Build, And Go To The Mars
  4. IGN: NexusBolt Age:14 Why Would You Like To Join:I enjoy playing servers with other people How Much Experience Have You Got In AOTBT: I've played for a month and i'm getting better at it What Mod Are You Best At:Tinker's Construct Skype:(If You Have It) xNexusBoltx
  5. Minecraft Username: NexusBolt Age: 14 Are you a YouTuber? No Are you willing to donate? I MIght How much experience do you have with this mod pack? I know most of the Mods What type of player are you? (Builder, Redstoner, Explorer) Builder, Explorer Dolphins or Dinosaurs? Dinosaur
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