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  1. Ign:masterzombie808 Age:9 Time zone:London Skype:don't have Skype Intentions for existance on the server:I've never joined a whitelist server and I would like to make freinds Favourite mods:tinkers construct and flans mod Past Expirence :I've been playing for about 2 moments but I'm not great with technical mods Is there anything else we should know about you:we'll not realy but I have a YouTube account I could upload some vids Any extra companions:no Did someone recommend you:no Level of maturity:we'll I'm 9 so I about 5
  2. Ign:butterboyrules Age:9 but I'm quite mature Location:England/london Why would you like to join:I would like to join because I've never joined a whitelist server and I like friendly communities How much Expirence have you got in AOTBT:I've been playing for about 4 months so I've got quite a bit of Expirence but I'm not good with technical mods. What mod are you best at:tinkers construct Skype: my account has Brocken sorry I hope I get accepted If I'd do thx a lot Also my YouTube account is Shout Out Mc I will do a vids if I get accepted!
  3. Hi I've never joined a whitelist server here are my details Ign:butterboyrules Age:9 Location:London Kent Why?i just would like a small server to join that doesn't have 100s of people and I've never played a whitelist server Mods:tinkers construct Skype:not allowed to talk to people who arnt close freinds or family. Expirience:I've been playing for about 2 months but I'm not good at technical mods
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