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  1. Age: 24 Maturity Level: Mature and trustworthy IGN: Baby0117Doll Skype: Baby0117Doll Why?: Want to play with others to make new friends and build a cool community
  2. Age: 24 - I'm a really helpful and peaceful person, my pranks are gifts, and I like to build/explore. Having people on a server motivates me so playing with others may result in a cool builds. Experience: Intermediate/Advance How often?: A lot Location: USA Skype: Baby0117Doll IGN: Baby0117Doll (just made it) Hope to hear from you soon! ^-^
  3. Username: BabyDoll0117 Age: 24 Skype: Baby0117Doll Why do you want to join?: Creative and love playing with other people, not a lot, but enough to have fun and build a community with.
  4. User: BabyDoll0117 Age: 24 Youtuber: Not yet Donate: Will try if I like the server. Experience: I have been playing for a while and know most of the things but can't say all of them yet. Player: Explorer, Gardener, and a Builder Dolphin or Dinosaurs: I like dolphins
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