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  1. Name: Gabe T. Age: 18 I wish to achieve every modpack legit! I also wish to achieve to make new friends in this server community and help everyone with what I can. Maybe I can find a partner in this server. But I don't troll unless told to do so and Greif unless told do so. I am A NICE PERSON Skype: joMAMAisBOSS Thank You I Pray that you will accept me and thank you. God Bless
  2. Minecraft Name: joMAMAisBOSS Country: United States Skype: Yes, joMAMAisBOSS Age: 18 YouTube?: Yes but if you would like I will upload videos. I definitely agree to server rules. Thank You Please Accept Me God Bless
  3. IGN: joMAMAisBOSS Skype: joMAMAisBOSS Age: 16 Why I would want to join: I would like to join because I have seen many servers but I think this would be cool because there were a variety of Factions and grieving etc.. but this one you play legit and work together and stuff. I am really good at Minecraft in general and I love it. Experience in Attack of the B-Team mod pack: I have a lot of experience with Minecraft: Attack of the B-Team but the mods I love and have a lot of experience with is the Witchery mod, Archimedes Ships, Food Plus (I Love to cook!), Fossils and Archeology,
  4. IGN: joMAMAisBOSS Age: 13 Skype: joMAMAisBOSS In-Game Skills: I am a great survival expert and love the archimades ships. I am just good at Minecraft in general. I never cheat unless told to. Why I feel as if I should be accepted: I have never played on a server that actually wanted people so i thought it would be fun! It just looked awsome that for once you do not have to worry about being killed 24/7 and being greifed 24/7 365 (unless it is for fun) on a server. I just want to make new friends and play legit About me: I enjoy minecraft and am an straight A student! I alw
  5. Looking for a Server for Attack of the B-Team

    1. Kalbintion


      There's an entire section on the forum dedicated to servers for specific modpacks.

    2. joMAMAisBOSS


      Yes, I noticed...

  6. Hi I a Miecraft Gamer and recently downloaded Attack of the B-Team and I was wondering if there is anyone out there that would like me on their server. I play Fair, I dont troll ( unless u want me too ) and I am a trustee sidekick! I sometimes use gamemode but I ONLY PLAY LEGIT! Unless told to do otherwise. Thank You
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