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  1. IGN: warman900000 Age: 19 Timezone: Central Timezone; USA Minecraft Experience: I enjoy building different kind of houses. Cave houses, above ground houses, inside mountain houses, all the works. Minecraft Servers: I've joined a few in the past, but they all ended up being taken down. Have you ever been banned: I think I've been banned once and it was a misunderstanding with a plugin, Me and a few friends were living together and we were demolishing the house so we could move when the plugin detected we were griefing and banned us both. What attracted you to this server? I've
  2. APPLICATION: IGN: warman900000 Skype name: warman_900000 Age: 19 Why you want to join the server: Playing single player gets too lonely, thought it would be fun to play with a community. What mods you think you'll focus on: I would dabble in every mod.
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