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  1. Did you remember to rename the the file? minecraft_1.2.5. Also it should be in your cache folder for the launcher itself. Lastly, this should be done with a fresh install. Delete your old stuff, and redl the launcher, then apply the file, rename it, then run.
  2. Still works just fine, fixed everything for me, couldn't be happier, thanks mate,
  3. I don't really think this belongs here, this is for private servers. 3-4 people max. You already have 5. *edit* yup, this definitely doesn't belong here, reading the first post, no more than four (including hosts). It goes on to say breaking this rule could(and most likely will) result in humiliation, insulting, and just general badness. What I think you should do, is post on the whitelist servers, with pictures, and more information.
  4. I do apologize, It's hard to explain what you would like. Anyway, if anyone is interested in having their own non decaying world, and the ability to showcase what you're doing to youtube, let me know.
  5. It's more of a combination of both a long running no plugin server, with once in a while video taking. with playing overtaking, videos on backburner, if you really want it somewhere else, I would move it, but it seems my weird request, would be difficult to place. It's also why myst craft would be in it, for the ages, for the separation of play. Each person would have a different age, and the main hub, and a YT age.
  6. I'm looking for a few people to tekkit with me, i will provide the server(if i can, collage wifi isn't always the best) with the promise of someone else recording it. I will prolly also add mystcraft to the server(once i learn how to, not good with bukkit plug-ins) The videos to be recorded will be on my youtube channel, for a tekkit playthrough.
  7. IGN iiamghostt Age 21 Reason for joining Lf a server that doesn't block every avenue I try to take Have you read the rules Yes Tekkit experience 8+ months. I know railcraft. 'nuff said.
  8. IGN: iiamghostt AGE: 21 HAVE YOU EVER BEEN KICKED / BANNED FROM A SERVER AND WHY?: no, not unless it was after i stopped using it, i get fed up with servers that restrict items WHY DO YOU LIKE TEKKIT? Its a nice package, some redpower, some other fun stuff, the amount of stuff you can build is pretty awesome WHAT CAN YOU BRING TO THE COMMUNITY? I'm decent with RP frames, i once build a house that would rise out of the ground with the touch of a button, it was an awesome building. couldn't even see it unless you randomlly dug, since it used thermopiles. also i've been meaning to start learning the rails mod, and given some support and a couple of days/ a week, could build a unified railroad system.
  9. Name :iiamghostt Age :21 Reason you want to join : because you don't have many restricted items Have you ever been banned before :nope
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