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  1. Okay this may be a dumb question, but where exactly should I add this? I;m mainly just scared that I'll mess it up and break everything. (Already did that yesterday...)
  2. So, I'm on a pretty bad laptop trying to play on my modpack, but I'm getting alot of lag and low fps. I've heard of the fpsplus mod that'll increase my fps alot, but in order to add it I need to put "-Dfml.ignoreInvalidMinecraftCertificates=true -Dfml.ignorePatchDiscrepancies=true in the start up parameters for it to actually work. I havent been able to find a way to get to the start up parameters in the technic launcher and am looking for help in getting it on. I've seen other modpacks that have fpsplus installed an example found here: Note: I've tried using optifine, but it doesnt agree with some of my other mods and causes me to crash frequently, leading me to another alternative. Your help is appreciated. Also if you have any other suggestions to decrease lag i would also appreciate that.
  3. So I've added Ruins, Geostrata, and Metallurgy (along with some addons including them) to my modpack and I wasn't able to launch my it. Looking at the logs I saw that some items from other mods were taking up ID slots and so I've been messing around with ID's. I've been testing around to the point where the logs arent telling me of any taken slots, but the modpack still won't load. I've spent this morning and yesterday trying to find the issue, but no luck as of yet. If anyone can find my problem I would appreciate it, and if it is in fact still an ID issue then I have spent several hours on a problem that I simply didn't see. The main problems I've been messing around with is with ExtraUtilities, TMechWorks, and PortalGun (This being the idMulti). I've changed their original ID's too what works, but afterwards this is where the crash began... and since i'm not 100% about reading logs i don't know where to find the actual problem. The platform url is here: If any additional information is needed then just message me and I'll be sure to add it
  4. You sir are the God of Modpacks. The main problem I was having was that when i see IDConflicts I only thinks of the ones the game tells you about. The more detailed walk through of my problem helped me get everything working and i greatly appreciate you helping me out especially when I was at my dumbest. Thank you.
  5. So on my personal modpack I'vs been having problems dealing with EnderIO and ProjectRed-Exploration. Basically what's going on is that the ore dictionary is matching the wool gin (ProjectRed) with a ton of different items from EnderIO including all of the capacitors and all of the ore dusts. This causes recipes from EnderIO to look like this: Items from EnderIO appear to be missing and instead are replaced by ProjectRed items such as the DrawPlate and White BackPack The situation has made EnderIO basically useless, but I really want to use it. I've checked for a couple of weeks now and found nothing on this issue, also there are people who have both mods, but no conflicts. The issue is not a matter of IDConflicts because I checked both mods for the items being replaced and they share no ID's (also the game would've told me about them) If anyone has any information on solving this I would highly appreciate it. The platform url is here:
  6. The problem is that ProjectRed is replacing a lot of the EnderIO items with Draw Plates and Wool Gins. This basically makes the mod useless as I can't craft items or upgrades necessary for the mod. The items being replaced include, but aren't limited to: All capacitors and all powders. If someone could look into it and find a solution I would appreciate it. Also, the issue is not an issue with ID Conflicts as I'm not getting any notifications of any conflicts. The platform url is here: Thanks for the help.
  7. yeah sorry i already got around to finishing this myself (with help from MrPlow), but thanks for the consideration
  8. Thank you sir now it is up and running
  9. Oops Oops I tried to avoid the red ones cause they're unstable but i guess i don't have a choice Again, oops Sorry i really need to double check things more often
  10. okay so i followed all of this and i updated. Now i'm having a problem with it crashing while n the loading screen. Could you check to see if it's because of the pack cause it may just be my computer. (Thanks for your help though )
  11. Minecraft Username: BurningVengeance Minecraft Version: 1.6.4 List of mods: Modular Power Suits Chisel Autoutils (Chisel) Map Writer Computercraft Tinker's Construct Tinker's Mechworks Extra Utilities PowerCrystalsCore Nether Ore (PowerCrystalsCore Website) Minefactory Reloaded (PowerCrystalsCore Website) Applied Enrgisitcs Extra Cells Forestry Magic Bees ExtraBees CoFH Core Thermal Expansion (CoFH Core) Redstone Arsenal (CoFH Core) Buildcraft Railcraft XplosionCore Flat Bedrock Iron Chests Thaumcraft ImmibisCore Dimensional Anchors (ImmibisCore) CodeChickenCore NEI (CodeChickenCore) EnderStorage (CodeChickenCore) Factorization EE3 InventoryTweaks ProjectRed Base-World(Latest Stable) bspkrsCore Treecapitator (bspkrsCore) Gendusrty BDLib (Gendusrty) OpenModsLib Openblocks (OpenModsLib) OpenPeripheralCore (OpenModsLib) OpenPeripheraAddons (OpenModsLib) DamageIndicators Furniture UniversalElectricity Bibliocraft Carpenter's RottenFlesh to Leather Magic Crops Mekanis, Tools, and Generators Server version: (yes/no) no Private pack: (yes/no) yes Sorry this is a lot i have no idea what i'm doing. :
  12. So I made a modpack called Verde's Technological Modpack [] the problem is that when i try to load it the game immediately closes and I'm not sure why. I'm very new to this so any help to get this to work is very appreciated. I also don't know what I need to show so saying it will help me get what needs to be done done.